Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird


Did you know that vacation time is accrued based on your years of continuous service with the University of Saskatchewan, no matter your union or non ā€“ union affiliation?  As long as you are considered an employee of the University your years of service are counted.

Recently ASPA became aware of some members who were initially employed by the University as casual.  They worked in this capacity for a few years and then were hired into defined positions.  There was no break in their service during this time.

The employer did not recognize their casual work time for purposes of assessing their vacation accruals.

ASPA filed a group grievance on the matter which has subsequently been resolved.  Members need to ensure that they are receiving the right amount of vacation based on the time they have worked at the University.  All continuous years of service as an employee of the University needs to be recognized.

If you have questions or believe your vacation accrual rate is not correct please contact us.

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