Do you travel for work?

Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird

Did you know that travelling for work related activities is considered work time?

Did you know that the University has a policy and procedure regarding travel and travel expenses?

If you travel for work related activities, the time you travel is considered work time and you should be compensated accordingly.  If you are required to travel off campus or away from your principal office/work location for University business then you can claim expenses incurred and the time travelling is considered work time.

What does this mean for you?

Discuss any travel during what would be considered “off hours” with your supervisor, particularly if you are on the Standard Work Hours Plan (Article 9.3.1) and if this travel exceeds the fifteen hours flex time that you would be able to accrue without your supervisor’s approval.  Off hours would be those outside of what would be seen as the normal working hours at the University (830 am – 430 pm and Monday to Friday).

Discuss travel plans with your supervisor prior to travelling if you are on an Alternate Work Hours Plan (Article 9.3.2) to ensure the Work Hours Plan takes this time into consideration with your overall hours of work.

Keep receipts for parking and taxi’s to submit, as applicable.

Meter parking is also to be reimbursed.

Whether you are flying or driving, diversions of travel from a direct route for personal reasons would not be considered work time.

You should also be aware of Meal per diems. Keep your meal receipts and submit them in the claims process, as necessary.

If you have unexpected delays while travelling speak to your supervisor upon your return.

If you have questions about whether or not the time you spent travelling is work time contact ASPA for assistance.

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