ASPA Service Awards Recipients – AGM APRIL 25, 2017

2016 was the inaugural year for the ASPA Service Awards, and the initiative continues for 2017.

We would like to thank you, and recognize you for your years of service to the University of Saskatchewan as an ASPA member.


Name Department
Agnew, K. Music
Ajami Sales Falafen, R. Computer Science
Alison, A. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Anderson, S. Veterinary Medical Centre
Banman, K. Dental Clinic
Barnhart, J. Space Planning (FMD)
Belliveau, T. Library
Bens, S. Gwenna Moss Centre
Bowditch, L. IntlStudnt&StudyAbroadCtr-SESD
Bowes, L. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Brown, M. Continuing Medical Education
Coleman, T. UndergraduateRecruitment-SESD
Cutting, K. StudentEmploymt&CareerCtr-SESD
Disano, J. Social Science Research Lab
Ebbesen, L. College of Kinesiology
Elias, L. Office of the Vice-Deans
Fairbairn, A. Arts and Science Admin Commons
Fitzgerald, S. Student Finance & Awards-SESD
Fonstad, J. Library
Fu, J. Chemistry
Gerwing, S. College of Pharmacy &Nutrition
Goshulak, K. Undergraduate Student Office
Gustafson, P. Undergraduate Student Office
Hala, A. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Hammerlindl, A. Civil & Geological Engineering
Hinther, M. School of Enviro&Sustainabilty
Jeffery, C. College of Nursing
Johnson, D. Int’l Ctr Northn Govrnce & Dev
Keeler, V. Council of Hlth Sc. Dns Office
Klein, T. Toxicology Centre
Lanzer, E. ICT Strategic Services
Lowe, P. College of Pharmacy &Nutrition
Mambetsadykov, M. Admissions&TransferCredit-SESD
Mann, M. University Relations
Mattola, P. IntlStudnt&StudyAbroadCtr-SESD
Miller, M. Art & Art History
Mohammed, M. Culinary Services
Nerdahl, T. Office of the Vice-Deans
Neufeld, H. Council of Hlth Sc. Dns Office
Olfert, E. Projects Office (FMD)
Panko, S. VPTL Media Production
Pfeifer, C. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Prouse, S. Undergraduate Student Office
Rawlyk, B. College of Kinesiology
Rever, S. Soil Science
Ross, H. Gwenna Moss Centre
Sheehan, K. Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Sibley, M. College of Law
Sotvedt, S. Residence
Spencer, T. Stdnt &Enrolment SrvsDiv-SESD
Steeves, M. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Stranden, K. Edwards School of Business
Suwinski, B. StudentCentral & SpptSvcs-SESD
Szelest, I. Psychiatry
Tulloch, H. College of Agric&Biores-DnOffc
Usunier, M. Edwards School of Business
Yong, S. Edwards School of Business


Name Department
Becker, V. Purchasing Services
Berg, L. VPTL Distance Education Unit
Briere, D. Council of Hlth Sc. Dns Office
Campbell, C. VPTL Language Centre
Cennon, T. ICT Strategic Services
Chen, Y. ICT Access & Compliance
Davies, C. BuildingAutomationDesign (FMD)
Diekema, R. Edwards School of Business
Ghebrai, Y. ICT Client Services
Jensen, I. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Koshinsky, E. VPTL Language Centre
Krebs, P. Finance & Admin (A&S)
Lee, A. Mathematics & Statistics
Lenz, J. VPTL Language Centre
MacKenzie, A. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Napper, T. College of Agric&Biores-DnOffc
Owen, L. Human Resources (AVP Off)
Paur, K. Trades Services (FMD)
Peace, R. Mechanical Engineering
Philibert, H. Vet Pathology
Pinto, K. Veterinary Medical Centre
Shivak, P. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Stumborg, D. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Szautner, C. Veterinary Medical Centre
Unruh, D. Student Finance & Awards-SESD
Usselman, B. Logistics Mgmt (FMD)
Voigt, J. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Wagner, K. College of Kinesiology
Waite, E. ICT Infrastructure Services
Wallace, A. Space Planning (FMD)
Warrington, S. Registrarial Services – SESD
Yurach, J. Biology
Zorn, C. College of Medicine – DnOffce


Name Department
Ault, J. StudentEmploymt&CareerCtr-SESD
Berg, G. ICT Infrastructure Services
Chan, A. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Chapuis, M. VPTL Language Centre
Coates, B. ICT Client Services
Corcoran, C. Disability Srvcs-Students-SESD
de Freitas, J.R. Soil Science
Downing, P. VPTL Media Production
Ewert-Bauer, T. Gwenna Moss Centre
Favreau, D. College of Pharmacy &Nutrition
Fraser, H. Library
Hansen, M. Computer Science
Hlady, J. ICT Academic & Research Tech
Hudson, L. VPTL Language Centre
Kinakin, M. Disability Srvcs-Students-SESD
Lavoie, J. Workplace Safety (FMD)
Litwiller, D. VPTL Language Centre
Lovell Dalen, L. Finance & Admin (FMD)
McLean, S. College of Kinesiology
Mergel, B. College of Education – DnOffce
Mineau, T. ICT Client Services
Rowney, D. ICT Infrastructure Services
Sawatzki, L. College of Agric&Biores-DnOffc
Wagner, B. Vet Microbiology
Walker, D. College of Medicine – DnOffce
Walls, K. Student Counselling – SESD
West, K. Gwenna Moss Centre
Yang, J. ICT Infrastructure Services
Yellowlees, D. VPTL Language Centre


Name Department
Bird, J. ICT Academic & Research Tech
Elliott Acton, M. Educational Foundations
Shacter, S. Computer Science
Thurlbeck, M. ICT Retail Services


Name Department
Alexson, T.C. ICT Academic & Research Tech
Boechler, B. BuildingAutomationDesign (FMD)
Gerein, V. ICT Infrastructure Services


Name Department
Beatty, T. ICT Academic & Research Tech
Driedger, J. Research Services
ffolliott, J. ICT Administrative&DataSystems
Rung, A. ICT Academic & Research Tech
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