Consider joining the ASPA Executive

There are currently five vacancies on the ASPA Executive. Any ASPA member can submit a nomination form to the ASPA office ahead of the AGM, on April 18, 2018 or be nominated from the floor at the meeting.

·        ASPA requires a full 12 member Executive to function effectively.

·        Typically, ASPA Executive members serve three-year terms, but there are circumstances where shorter terms are in effect.

·        Monthly Executive meetings start with a lunch, which is provided by ASPA, and take on average 2.5 hours.

·        Executive members are supported by two ASPA staff, who provide operational and strategic support to the ASPA Executive.

·        Executive members are encouraged to develop union relevant skills and knowledge; ASPA pays for seminar, workshop and conference attendance.

·        Executive members can participate on an ASPA committee(s) of their interest. 

·        Typically, Executive members contribute their time during regular work-time hours.  Our Collective Agreement enforces the ability of ASPA members to contribute time, without the need to compensate volunteer time through extra work hours for ASPA business (Article 5.4).  

If you feel that ASPA provides its members with an indispensable service; if you are looking for an interesting and rewarding new experience and for personal growth, please consider joining the Executive.   If you have any questions please contact us at or 306-966-2471. 

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