Member Highlights

ASPA Member Highlight- Kara Loy, Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Initiative

Written by: Karen E. Mosier

Kara Loy has a Master’s degree in Education through the University of Calgary, a Bachelor in Liberal Arts degree in Spanish, and a Bachelor in Arts Honours degree in loyEnglish, with a Certificate in Teaching English as a Subsequent Language; the latter three designations are through the University of Saskatchewan. She has just started an educational doctoral degree through the University of Calgary. She has worked at the University of Saskatchewan for 5 years.

Kara is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Research Initiative. Her duties are to collaborate with faculty, students and staff to implement undergraduate research into the first-year curriculum, to create a culture of research that includes undergraduate students, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

What Kara likes best about her job is the diversity of people, programs, and projects with which she works. She enjoys collaborating with all levels of people, students, staff, faculty and leadership and carrying out overlapping mandates/missions regardingloy 3 research, curriculum (teaching and learning), and student engagement.

Kara is very motivated and engaged in her position as she believes that education and discovery are the best ways to improve the world, and that transformational learning experiences are key to opening minds. She believes that by capitalizing on everyone’s loy 2perspective and potential we can solve the world’s problems and improve lives for people and for our planet. She credits her education background in liberal arts and the humanities for allowing her to understand, influence, innovate and communicate meaningfully. Her passion and enthusiasm have not gone unnoticed by her peers. Her cooperative efforts have positioned the U of S as a finalist for the Council on Undergraduate Research’s (CUR) Campus-Wide Award for Accomplishments in Undergraduate Research (AURA) and she was recently nominated for a Staff Excellence Award.

Kara acknowledges the collective work/efforts of ASPA in defense of mutual gain for all ASPA members employed by the University of Saskatchewan. Being an ASPA member has contributed to her earning a living wage, having affordable benefits to keep her family safe, healthy and educated, building her own skill set and knowledge base, and fostering a sense of stability and well-being, not only for her, but for many of her peers and community members on campus.

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Kara strongly encourages other ASPA members to speak up, get involved, and share their experiences so that we can have more than one story, so we can understand the nuances of our collective experiences, and we can carry on with our own and the institution’s work.