Census Highlights

Written by John Costa, ASPA Research Committee Member

The recent census provided some insights into the composition of our membership.  Of the 637 census respondents, 66% report being alumni of the University of Saskatchewan. The majority of those (83%) have post-secondary degrees with 45% holding a bachelor’s degree, 30% with a Master’s degree, 7% with a PhD and 2% with a post-doc. The remainder have high school, diploma or certificates.


The number of positions (Fig. 1 Census Respondents n= 637)) within the last five years is higher than all other years-of-service periods based on the responses (> 260). Employer data reports over 460 for the same period – a third of our membership. Figure 2 (Census Respondents n=637) shows the proportion of the respondents who are U of S grads through years-of-service. This suggests that the proportion of U of S graduates has been lower in previous periods.

figure 1

figure 2

Figure 3 (Census Respondents n=637) shows the phase of the respondents and figure 4 (Employer data; n= 1496) illustrates the members in each phase based on employer data.


figure 3

figure 4



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