Social Media Survey Results

Written by John Costa on behalf of the Research Committee

Last January, ASPA members responded to ASPA’s 1 Minute survey on social media. Over 320 ASPA members participated with the vast majority of reporting overwhelming support for the current method of communication – email (96.8%) and website (57%) with Facebook coming in a distant third with 18.50% support.

When asked which social media tools respondents use, Facebook and LinkedIn were ranked among the most visited platforms with YouTube coming a close third. Reddit was the most cited social media site not listed (Website, E-mail, Texting, Hard Copy Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn).

In summary, respondents suggested the following:

  • They are satisfied with ASPA’s current methods of communication – email and website for general communications
  • They encourage ASPA to stay away from social media for general communications
  • ASPA should improve our email communications format/style – more graphics, shorter bites.sm2

One outstanding question remains: How does ASPA deal with emergent communications, such as job action -should ASPA use personal emails, Facebook or texting or a combination? The communications committee will explore this question at upcoming meetings. If anyone has interest in contributing to the discussion or participating on the committee, please contact:


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