Call for nominations – ASPA Executive

Effective April of 2019, six (6) ASPA Executive positions will need to be filled. We are now actively seeking ASPA members who want to join the ASPA Executive.

Would you like to meet new people and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes on campus beyond your own department/unit? Would you like to learn a new skill set, and expand your professional networks? Would you like to make a difference and give back something to the university community? If yes, why don’t you consider joining the ASPA Executive? 

The ASPA Executive consists of 12 ASPA members who volunteer their time for the benefit of the Association. The roles of the Executive are to determine the strategic direction of ASPA, and to help implement it through participation on ASPA committees. The ASPA Executive is supported by two ASPA employees, who provide operational and strategic support to the ASPA Executive.

  • Executive positions are open to any ASPA member, regardless of their years of employment at the U of S, employment status, work area, or campus location (Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert).
  • Typically, ASPA Executive members serve three-year terms, but there are circumstances where shorter terms are in effect.
  • The Executive meets once a month; meetings start with a lunch, which is provided by ASPA, and require about 2.5 hours of time commitment. Additionally, Executive members can participate on an ASPA committee(s) of their interest.
  • Typically, Executive members contribute their ASPA volunteer time during regular work-time hours.  Our Collective Agreement enforces the ability of ASPA members to contribute time for ASPA business (Article 5.4), without the need for an ASPA Executive member to compensate their volunteer time through extra work hours.

If you are interested in joining the ASPA Executive, you need to be nominated.  There are two options for nominations:

  1. Preferred: please submit a completed Nomination form to the ASPA office by noon April 23, so that your name can be added to the ballot before the AGM.
  2. At the AGM, attending ASPA members can be nominated from the floor at the meeting.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 306-966-2471.

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