ASPA Annual General Meeting Summary

Written by Yolanda Palmer-Clarke

The annual general meeting for the Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA) was held April 30, 2019 in ARTS 241 with 184 members in attendance.  Members voted to fill vacant positions on the executive from a list of nominated personnel. There were eleven (11) nominees volunteering for six (6) positions on the executive. This is the largest number of nominees to date and ASPA thanks each nominee for their willingness to volunteer. The new executive for the year 2019-2020 were introduced to the membership at the close of the meeting: Curt Larson (President), Joanie Crandall (VP), LaVina Watts (VP), Garett Federko (Treasurer), Calvert ChiefCalf, Colleen Cochran, John Costa, Dawn Giesbrecht, Peter Krebs, Andrea Smida, Henry Tan, and Dan Zhao. One retiring member took the opportunity to encourage members to take advantage of the benefits offered through ASPA. As social with food and drinks at Louis’ Loft follwed the general meeting. It was a success with over 100 members attending for conversation and networking.

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