Did you Know – Tuition Waiver

Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird

Did you know that if you are a member of ASPA that you are most likely eligible for a Tuition Waiver?

Article 12.11 of the ASPA Collective Agreement allows ASPA members to take one (1) forhr-tuition-waiver credit course per academic term at the University of Saskatchewan. The cost of the tuition would be waived.  You would however still be responsible to cover the cost of the student fees but these may be eligible expenses under your Accountable Professional Development Account (APDA) (Article 12.10).

In addition, graduate and fixed fee programs are eligible for a per-term maximum equal to the cost of a Category six (6) tuition, for a three (3) credit unit undergraduate course.

Members would register for the course through the University’s normal registration process.  Once registered you would then fill out the Tuition Waiver form which can be found on your PAWS.  The form is then submitted to the Student Finance and Awards unit for processing.

Please note, if the course you are taking is for personal interest this is considered a taxable benefit.  For more information about whether or not the course is considered to be for credit or if a taxable benefit would be applied please contact Student Finance and Awards at awards@usask.ca or 306-966-2863.  For questions about eligibility and anything else related to ASPA please don’t hesitate to give our Member Services Officer, Glenn Billingsley, a shout at glenn@aspasask.ca or contact the office at aspa@aspasask.ca.

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