A Briefing Note to the Canadian Labour Movement, Stand! Movie Release

Written by Danny Schur

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is with much gratitude to the labour movement that I announce the Stand! movie musical Canada-wide release at the Cineplex theatres listed below – on Friday, November 29th. The movie, already called the “next Norma Rae”, is the result of a partnership between the labour movement in Canada and the United States, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the movie’s producers.

Tickets will go on sale around November 1st and more theatres are being announced daily. I humbly seek labour’s support in spreading the news about the release and in purchasing tickets to the movie.
In order to maximize the impact of the movie, attendance at the first three days of the release – Friday, November 29th to Sunday, December 1st – is critical to being held over in theatres for a second or third week. Cineplex determines which movies to hold over on the Monday of each week – based solely on the previous weekend’s attendance. That is why it is critical that attendance occur at the screenings on the first Friday to Sunday.
Once tickets go on sale, I will provide you with a link to the Cineplex site. You will then be able to e-mail the link to your contacts, where they can purchase tickets individually or via group sales.
In the mean time, please consider promoting the movie now. The website http://www.stand-movie.com has a link to the trailer. You may also download the trailer (for playing at meetings) or embed it online with this link: https://vimeo.com/363210881 I have also attached a small poster that can be e-mailed, posted online or printed out in each local office.
Thank you in advance for helping to advance labour’s cause through the movie. It is an honour to bring this story to the world.

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