CPR and First Aid Training on Campus

Did you know that the College of Kinesiology (CoK) offers First Aid and CPR training?  Anyone on campus can sign up for the courses, either for personal interest, or because the workplace and your position require it.

The manner and timing in which First Aid/CPR course can be taken through the CoK is either:

  • Supply driven:  the CoK offers a course at a certain time, and prospective participants sign up.  Information about the courses can be found here: https://beactive.usask.ca/Program/GetProducts?classification=8748587c-8f00-4272-aa41-0d20f3715c07  
  • Demand driven: a client (unit, department) can pool between 6 and 20 participants and then negotiate with the CoK about the timing of the classes. The training can be delivered flexibly, on weekdays during worktime, in the evenings, on weekends, or any reasonable combination thereof.


  • CPR and Emergency First Aid – 8 hours in class – $95 per person
  • CPR/Standard First Aid (SFA) – 20 hrs in class – $145
  • CPR/SFA blended learning – there is an online portion for theory, followed by 9 hours in class – $135

Faculty, staff and/or students either pay for the fees themselves or can access funds that are available elsewhere.  The Collective Agreements of the various campus unions might include professional development funds allowances (APDA) that could potentially be utilized for course payment.  As well, in the case of ASPA, the Personal Spending Account claim form identifies First Aid/CPR training as an expense that is eligible for reimbursement.

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