2020 List of Executive Nominations with Biographies


Karen E. Mosier is a Research Coordinator for the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine. Karen has her BA in Psychology and MSc in Pharmacy. Karen has over fourteen years’ experience in research administration at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Karen was the ASPA representative on the Non-Academic Pension and Benefits Committee for 3 years until it was disbanded in June 2019. Karen has been on the ASPA communications committee since April 2018. In August 2019, she stepped up to chair two combined committees to form the Communications & Public Relations Committee. Karen has written 21 ASPA member highlights and 13-member interest articles for the ASPA Advocate website. Karen is also a member of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators. She is the co-leader of the CARA Member Engagement Committee and has written 30 articles for the CARA Connection newsletter. Karen recently published her first book entitled “Soft Skills and Professional Tips for the Office”.

At this stage in her career, Karen would like to give something back to the campus community. Being Saskatchewan born and raised, and with both of her degrees awarded from the University of Saskatchewan, she would consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as a member on the ASPA Executive committee.  


My job title;  Database Administrator

Where I work; Peterson Building, now at home

How long I have been on campus/within ASPA;  16 years on campus, all in ASPA

Milan is currently an integral member of the current ASPA bargaining team for which he was selected out of a group of ASPA members in the fall of 2018.


Study Abroad Coordinator

College of Arts & Science Dean’s Office

Vice President

Administrative, Supervisory, Personnel Association

LaVina Watts has worked on campus at the University of Saskatchewan for over 12 years and was the recipient of the College of Arts & Science Dean’s Distinguished Staff Award in 2019.  Over the past four years she has been the Study Abroad Coordinator for the College of Arts and Science.  This role gives her the opportunity to work with departments and faculty members to assist forming new partnerships with international universities, and to create and manage international study programs. Her primary duty is to create and support the offering of courses/programs within existing degree programs, to allow Arts & Science students to study abroad and get credit for their course work. This work includes assisting faculty with course development, assisting with safety plans, looking under every rock for student funding, and reassuring students that the extra effort to participate in a study abroad program will be more than worth it in the end. LaVina actively collaborates with colleagues all over campus to ensure that the focus of internationalization remains top of mind for all students, staff, and the campus community as a whole.

In addition to her full-time role in the College she is also the current Vice President of the ASPA union, a position that she has held for 3 years.  As a member of the ASPA Executive committee as Vice President, she also serves on the Jurisdiction Review Committee, Finance Committee, Education Committee, and acts as the ASPA representative on the Executive Council for the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour. LaVina enjoys “giving back” to the ASPA community as our association continues to protect the rights of ASPA members. LaVina enjoys the opportunity to intervene to advocate for members when necessary.

LaVina notes that her business administration and project management background has helped her in her current position. She is a proponent of “lifelong learning” and recently she completed her Masters Certificate in Project Management from the Edwards School of Business and is continuing work toward a BA in Psychology.


Erin Walling is the Social Accountability Strategist for the College of Medicine. Erin has been at the University for nearly 9 years, 3 of which have been within APSA. Her career has focused on health care and health education improvement for the last 15 years.  She is an experienced facilitator, researcher, program manager and presenter. In the last 4 years Erin has taken classes in leadership, facilitation, organizational development, training and development and cultural humility.  Erin is keen to put her experience and education to work for you as an ASPA executive member.

O’GRADY, Christopher

I’m Christopher O’Grady.  I am the lab manager for both the Neuroscience and the Microbiology, Immunology and Virology research clusters in the Health Sciences Building.  I operate out of USask Health Sciences, formerly known as the Office of the Vice Provost Health. I’ve been an ASPA member since 2015, but I’ve been on campus for much longer. I completed both my undergraduate and masters’ degrees in biochemistry here at the University of Saskatchewan. I also worked as a research technician in the Biochemistry Department for 5 years before becoming a lab manager in 2015.

In August 2019, I was asked to join the ASPA executive to temporarily fill a vacancy until this April’s election. In my capacity as an executive committee member, I have taken on roles in the ASPA Research Committee and as the ASPA representative on the University’s Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP). More recently, I joined ASPA’s Jurisdictional Review Committee where we review new positions to determine which union’s jurisdiction the position belongs to through discussions with People and Resources and the other unions on campus. Throughout my tenure on the ASPA executive, I have come to learn that I bring a fresh perspective and thoughtful opinions. I enjoy this committee work, and I hope to be able to continue to represent you in the future.


Hi, I’m Tamara Hominuke and I would like to be one of your representatives on the Executive Committee for ASPA.

I have worked at the University of Saskatchewan since 2013 within the Health Sciences. I am currently working as a Senior Administrator Coordinator in the College of Medicine. I love my job as I get to work with students, faculty and staff from both Saskatoon and Regina campuses.

I believe the University of Saskatchewan is an incredible educational institution. During the past 7 years here, I have had the opportunity to work towards creating a campus that is diverse and inclusive, joined professional committees and enrolled as a student – I will graduate this year with a Masters in Education.

In my personal life, I am a mother of two boys and have been married to my partner, Joel, for almost 7 years. I recently started a book club for working women as a way of creating community.

Having benefitted from the rich educational experience USask has to offer, I am excited to work with the ASPA team in order to provide our union members with the support and advocacy they need to continue to make this an educational institution a leader in postsecondary education.

Thank you for your consideration.


BARON, Danielle

Hi everyone, my name is Danielle and I am a USask alumnus and a current member of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources Dean’s Office. I have been the research facilitator for the college since 2016. Prior to this, I lived in Edmonton for six years while completing my graduate degree in cognitive neuroscience followed by working at the University of Alberta. There is never a dull moment in my current position with AgBio, as it includes working with faculty research programs, grants and contracts; strategic planning; industry and stakeholder outreach; and research communications. I have been married for eight years and have two young daughters, Beatrice and Ivy. I am interested in joining the ASPA Executive because I have served on various professional and community committees in the past and would like the opportunity to contribute to my association in a new capacity.

EDER, Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Eder, and I am a Project Coordinator for the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) at the U of S main campus in Saskatoon.  I have been in this position since October 2018.  Prior to my employment at the U of S, I worked as an electrician across Saskatchewan and received my Journeyperson’s certificate in 2012.  In addition to my employment at the U of S, I am enrolled in the College of Education, where my undergraduate degree is nearing completion.  My long-term goals include obtaining my PMP (Project Manager Professional) designation, followed by an MBA through the Edwards School of Business.  During the 2019/2020 fall and winter semester’s, I was an executive member of the Education Students Society serving as the Vice President of Academic. In my spare time I try to be as active as possible with my 5-year-old daughter.  Some of our favourite’s are rock climbing, bike riding, avoiding the lava on the playground and making jewelry with coloured beads.  I also enjoy playing hockey whenever the opportunity comes along.  I am a huge fan of the Huskies hockey, football, and it goes without saying…the Riders!

YIN, Helen

My name is Helen Yin and I work in Department of Civil, Geological, and Environmental Engineering as a lab coordinator for the past 6 years. I have been with ASPA since I started working in this position. I was trained in environmental engineering and the reason why I chose environmental engineering was because I want to make a difference to make our planet better.

I have been moved around a lot and didn’t feel home anywhere. Saskatoon is the place I have lived the longest since I was 18 moving out of my parents’ place. Recently I came to the realization that I couldn’t root that is why I didn’t feel home anywhere. Now I am intentionally doing rooting work. I feel that I will root deeper if I get involved society more and give more to the society. Being an executive member to me is a good starting point.

Life to me is an adventure and people with different stories are the most valuable beautiful gifts to our life. I am excited to know more people and connect more with people from different backgrounds.

I am a responsible, easy going, cooperative person. I am well organized, details orientated while still keep the vision of the bigger picture.

Thank you! Hope I can get elected.

HAUSER, Patrick

Patrick Hauser has over fifteen years of experience in safety management system consulting, development and implementation in post-secondary educational institution, construction and arboriculture environments.  He is passionate about OHS, the concept of continual improvement and leading by example.

Patrick works at the University of Saskatchewan as safety and compliance coordinator, collaborating with all academic and service groups across campus to develop, implement and improve locally specific safety management systems.

Prior to working at the university Patrick worked for four years at the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association providing training and consultation to residential, commercial and industrial construction companies and workers. Before that, he joined the health and safety profession through implementing safety programs for some arboriculture companies in Saskatoon.

Patrick has been a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering since 2007 and for the past seven years he has been an active member of the CSSE Northern Light Chapter Executive, in Saskatoon.  Currently, he is the Regional Vice President for the Prairie Region, representing Manitoba and Saskatchewan CSSE Chapters on the CSSE National Board of Directors, until December 2020.

Through the CSSE, Patrick works with the Saskatchewan Safety Council, Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board and Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.  He is currently a judge for Saskatchewan’s Safe Employer Awards, recognizing health and safety excellence in the province.  As well, he has participated on the judging panel for Canada’s Safest Employer Awards for the past two years.  Patrick also helps new OHS professionals though hosting Sask Polytech OHS practicum students on an annual basis, and is an active mentor through the CSSE.

Patrick earned a B.A. in Economics from the U of S in 1997, completed the Sask Polytech OHSP Certificate program in 2006 and in June 2010 earned the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation.  He is also pursuing the CHSC designation though the CSSE. 

He continues to actively volunteer and pursue professional development opportunities to ensure his skills, knowledge and abilities remain current.  

Patrick believes that safety management systems must be clear and easy to use to show value and provide benefit for workers and employers; it is important to keeping people thinking and situationally aware in order to build an engaged culture of safety to prevent workplace injuries.


My name is Erica Li-Humen. I graduated from Edwards School of Business with my MBA. Prior to joining the university, I worked with provincial government for over 10 years.  I have been with the university since 2019 and I am an Institutional Approver with the Controller Officer. My main responsibility is to provide exceptional support and advise to faculty and staff for 5 colleges with Tri-Agency research grants. My position requires me to provide recommendations and directions to meet individual needs with key information with Tri-Agency compliance guidelines.

I’ve spent my adult life in Saskatoon and absolutely have affection with our friendly people and communities here. Having an education, career and family here, I know this is a great city to live and I am always keen to help in the community. I’ve volunteered for the Lakeridge Community Association for 8 years. During this period, I severed as Membership, Adult and Youth programs coordinator. In recent years, I have been involved with the Lakewood Soccer Association as a team manager. My volunteer skills contribute a lot by my vibrant personality. I am happy, bright, energetic, most importantly I enjoy connecting with people and supporting the community.

Thank you for reading my profile.

DE JONG, Willem

Willem de Jong joined the University, ASPA, and ICT in early 2015. Though roles and responsibilities have changed, he has been a part of the Medicine IS team since he started.

Outside the University, Willem has been involved with the improvised and stand-up comedy community in Saskatoon. Willem usually commutes to campus by bicycle and enjoys board games with friends and watching the latest arthouse film in a virtually empty theatre.

Or, at least, he did.

In this new world, Willem has traded in his office desk for the kitchen table, the water cooler for a Brita jug and Starbucks for, well, Starbucks. He usually commutes barefoot and enjoys solitaire and watching cheesy documentaries on Netflix.

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