ASPA Service Awards

Since 2016 ASPA has been recognizing members for their years of service within ASPA.  ASPA recognizes those members who have reached a milestone year of as of December 31 each year.  This year ASPA will be recognizing 141 members who have been on campus for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.  We would like to thank you for all of your work.  If you would like to see a complete list of names, please continue reading.

thank you for your service
25 Years
Harris, D.Institutional Planning and Assessment
Farion, D.Facilities
Hurst, S.Student Wellness Centre
Jensen, K.College of Pharmacy and Health
Sander, L.Physics and Engineering Deans Office
Vandeven, R.College of Engineering Deans Office
White, M.ICT Academic and Research Tech
20 Years
Andre, J.Access and Equity Services
Anspach, J.Infrastructure Plan and Land Development
Brown, A.Toxicology Centre
Cooper, B.University Relations
Cuggy, M.Geological Sciences
Giesbrecht, D.Biochem, Microbiology, Immunology
Haynes, F.Office of the Vice Dean
Hull-Struekens, S.Dental Clinic
Humenny, D.ICT Enterprise Systems
Komonoski, P.Student Wellness Centre
Lee, M.Benefit Payments
Neal, M.ICT Enterprise Systems
Storey, S.Distance Education Unit
Wong, C.IT Support Services
15 Years
Benning, N.Research Services and Ethics
Carlson, R.Capital Planning
Cassidy, L.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Costa, J.ICT Research and Library Tech
Doell, J.Registrarial Services
Ernst, J.Operational Procurement
Ferwerda, E.Dental Clinic
Glass, K.College of Dentistry
Hadley, J.ICT Enterprise Systems
Klewchuk, J.Connection Point
Knapp, S.Strategic Program Office
Larmer, R.Distance Education Unit
Mandeville, H.College of Vet Medicine Deans Office
McCleary, T.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Miller, M.College of Engineering Deans Office
Novecosky, B.ICT Academic and Research Tech
Rabu, R.ICT Enterprise Systems
Tharmarajah, S.ICT Enterprise Systems
Unger, T.College of Nursing
Weimer, M.College of Kinesiology
Zagiel, E.Student Information Systems
10 Years
Allison, J.College of Nursing
Aloni, N.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Beug, P.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Brown, D.ICT Enterprise Systems
Cao, Y.Food and Bioproduct Sciences
Corkal, P.Language Centre
Crawford, J.Media Procudtion
Cuddington, C.School of Rehabilitation Science
Epp, J.Distance Education Unit
Epstein, R.Language Centre
Erickson, K.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Fossenier, R.University Relations
Gowen, R.Electric and Computer Engineering
Heese, R.IT Support Services
Heisler, H.Biology
Humm, J.ICT Academic and Research Tech
Jacob, P.USask Health Sciences
Kachur, B.University Relations
Lau, T.Language Centre
Mark, M.Student Wellness Centre
Marshall, S.College of Medicine Deans Office
Moss, J.Vet Pathology
Mulhall, S.Service Team
Norfield, J.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Parkhurst, T.University Relations
Pinelle, D.Social Science Research Lab
Predicala, N.College of Engineering Deans Office
Prokopiuk, T.Geological Sciences
Schroeder, C.Edwards School of Business
Scott, C.University Relations
Skilnik, P.Student Recruitment
Tchoursine, W.ICT Security, Risk, and Compliance
Titus, J.ICT Enterprise System
Ward, R.ICT Security, Risk, and Compliance
Xu, X.Student Recruitment
5 Years
Akins, E.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
Beldan, A.Student Finance and Awards
Blushke, C.College of Medicine Deans Office
Bussiere, E.Edwards of School Business
Collin, A.University Relations
Crandall, J.Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies
Damm, T.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Day, R.Grounds
De Rantere, D.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Diebold-Cooze, S.Benefit Payments
Drake, G.Retail Services
Dreaver-Charles, K.Distance Education Unit
Dunn, M.Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement
Dyck, B.USask Health Sciences
Elfar, J.University Relations
Farahani, A.Physics and Engineering Physics
Ferguson, G.College of Kinesiology
Friesen, R.History
Hughes, K.USask Health Sciences
Humen, S.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Ilic, A.ICT Academic and Research Tech
Jacobson, C.University Relations
Joseph, G.Aboriginal Students Centre
Joseph, H.ICT Enterprise System
Kawchuk, D.Parking Services
Kobitz, K.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Kostiuk, A.Electric and Computer Engineering
Kraska, B.College of Nursing
Krueger, C.Access and Equity Services
Li, P.Veterinary Medical Centre
Marshall, J.Dental Clinic
Matic, J.Student Wellness Centre
Meaden, R.Service Team
Menon, R.ICT Enterprise System
Milani, MA&A Admin Support Group
Mildenberger, L.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Oleksyn, R.Edwards School of Business
Ostadalidehaghi, R.ICT Enterprise System
Pan, X.Financial Operations
Patrick, G.Sask Centre Patient Orientation Research
Pearse, A.Benefit Payments
Pryor-Hildebrandt, K.College of Education Deans Office
Putnam, C.Communication Development and Alumni Relations
Rizvi, Z.University Relations
Rotenburger, T.Edwards School of Business
Sarvas, K.Service Team
Schellenberg, E.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Schewaga, S.University Relations
Schimpf, L.Research Services and Ethics
Scribe, C.Indian Teacher Education Program
Selo, A.USask Health Sciences
Shukla, A.Innovation Enterprise
Slowski, Z.Colllege of Nursing
Solie, A.Student Employment and Career Centre
Stuckel, B.College of Veterinary Medicine Deans Office
Tang, R.Social Science Research Lab
Vandendriessche, M.Undergraduate Student Office
Watts, W.College of Nursing
Wisser, G.Capital Planning
Yarie, K.Dental Clinic
Yeung, P.ICT Enterprise System
Zabolotney, J.Edwards School of Business
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