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Hello ASPA,

I write to you today on behalf of our 12,000 members who provide health care within the Sask Health Authority, as they are in need of support.  This group of members provide a variety of valuable services on the health care team: they are continuing care assistants, licensed practical nurses, diagnostic and therapeutic technologists, maintenance personnel, sterile processing workers, administration, food services and environmental services among others.  They have been without a contract since March 31, 2017 and they are done waiting.  Understandably, in the context of COVID, these members are on the front line – they are faced daily with staff shortages – crushing workloads – far too many overtime demands – denied vacation – and the list goes on.  All the while they are still be paid 2016 rates of pay.  It is entirely unfair – and it is a result of our government stubbornly refusing to provide any added resources (beyond their horrible mandate of 0/0/1/2/2) to resolve our contract.

On August 12 in Saskatoon we will be holding a safe, responsible protest at 21 permitted locations within the city limits.  In compliance with the public health order we will have no more than 30 people at each location; all will be masked; all will have signage.  There will be no walking so as to ensure all stay a safe 6 feet apart.  The locations are as follows:

Sherbrooke Community Centre (2 permit sites)

Parkridge Centre (2 permit sites)

St. Paul’s Hospital (4 permit sites)

Saskatoon City Hospital (2 permit sites)

Royal University Hospital (3 permit sites)

Central Haven

Oliver Lodge

Porteous Lodge

Stensrud Lodge

Saskatoon Convalescent Home

St. Ann’s

St. Joseph’s Home

Home Care (on Idylwyld)

MLA offices – Eric Olausen/Lisa Lambert/ 1B – 270 Acadia Drive (near Sherbrooke); Don Morgan – 3502 Taylor St; David Buckingham/Gord Wyant – 2345 Ave C

We would appreciate the support of others within the labour community within Saskatoon and we welcome you and/or any members to attend one of the locations – if you want an update on locations where we require added attendees we will be more than happy to provide that prior to August 12.  However, there is an RSVP process to fix your spot at your location of choice – just visit our website:

If your members would like to show their support in an alternate way, simply driving by a number of locations and honking their horn to show support, or using our on-line campaign to send a letter is also appreciated:

Barbara Cape
#200-747 46th St. W
Saskatoon, Sask
S7L 6A1
MRC Toll Free: 1.888.999.SEIU (7348) ext. 2298 | URL:

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