Be Active – Healthy Habits

Use your benefits! Your benefits are designed to support your health.  Make sure you are using them!

 Did you know…

Your benefits may cover:

  • Vitamins & supplements
  • Nutrition programs and counselling
  • Weight management programs (excluding food)
  • Fitness equipment
  • Personal trainers
  • Smoking cessation programs

Self-care habits

Most of these services are covered under your benefits:

Work habits

  • Make sure you follow ergonomic guidelines
  • Eat right; pack a lunch
  • Buy a meal plan which offers many nutritious food choices
  • Move. Today’s work environment is increasingly sedentary. The average Canadian spends 9.5 hours a day sitting. This is deteriorating your health
  • Take breaks and make sure you stretch
  • Do some office exercises
  • Have a walking meeting
  • More ideas below


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