ASPA Service Awards

Since 2016 ASPA has been recognizing members for their years of service within ASPA.  ASPA recognizes those members who have reached a milestone year of as of December 31 each year. 

This year ASPA will be recognizing 126 members who have been on campus for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.  We would like to thank you for all of your work. 

30 Years
Bitner, D.Mechanical Engineering
Schumann, F.Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Stardom, L.Facilities Support Services
25 Years
Benard, D.College of Kinesiology
Brown, T.School of Public Health
Connell, L.Chemistry
Primeau, C.College of Kinesiology
Turner, L.ICT Enterprise Systems
20 Years
Arnault-Pelletier, V.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Baryluk, K.ICT Enterprise Systems
Bernath, C.Computer Science
Bitinsky, K.ICT Enterprise Systems
Chateigner, F.Arts and Science Admin Support Group
Dahl, M.Safety Resources
DiPaolo-McGuire, G.Language Centre
Dubowski, D.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
Harrison, A.College of Agriculture and Bio resources – Dean’s Office
Kehoe, S.Service Team
Ko, A.Language Centre
Lambert, C.Language Centre
Matheson, K.Student Employment and Career Centre
Nesbet, M.Arts and Science Admin Support Group
Oster, G.Computer Science
Peterson, C.Animal and Poultry Science
Piche, G.Office of the Vice-Deans
Rempel, H.Student Wellness Centre
Robson, S.IT Support Services
Tchoursine, B.ICT Enterprise Systems
Unger, G.IT Support Services
Wallace, J.ICE Academic Technology
Wong, B.Chemistry
15 Years
Adapa, P.Global Institute for Water Security
Adeoye, G.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Baptie, E.Student Information Systems
Black, R.Benefit Payments
Bytyqi, L.Language Centre
Fast, J.College of Kinesiology
Gilmer, S.Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology
Gould, I.Arts and Science Admin Support Group
Guerrero, L.Arts and Science Admin Support Group
Hall, D.ICT Academic Technology
Hansen, C.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
MacLeod, K.Student Wellness Centre
Molloy, J.University Relations
Mughees, M.ICT Enterprise Sytems
Palmer-Clarke, Y.Language Centre
Pawlik, J.College of Kinesiology
Procyk, R.Distance Education Unit
Sawchyn Zumd, C.Distance Education Unit
Stuhr, A.ICT Enterprise Systems
Van Dyck, A.College of Education – Dean’s Office
Witzel, W.Student Wellness Centre
Woytowich, A.Food and Bioproduct Sciences
10 Years
Beauregard, G.ICT Enterprise Sytems
Beever, R.Student Information Systems
Bilodeau, D.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
Blau, K.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Bodnarchuk, M.College of Agriculture and Bio resources – Dean’s Office
Bonavia-Fisher, B.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Bueckert, S.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Delorme-Greyeyes, K.College of Agriculture and Bio resources – Dean’s Office
Drennan, J.Family Medicine (Saskatoon)
Ellis, D.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Freeman, M.USask Health Sciences
Freire, P.Student Recruitment
Galuschik, N.Safety Resources
Glasscock, K.College of Agriculture and Bio resources – Dean’s Office
Grewal, G.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Hack, C.Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Hildebrandt, M.Enterprise Project Office
Klassen, M.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Kotlyarova, V.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Larson, T.ICT Enterprise Arch and Integration
Lennon, B.IT Support Services
Loran, LService Team
Marchand, J.Distance Education Unit
Mathieu, R.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Meyer-Burt, B.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Moroz, M.Research Excellence and Innovation
Mosier, K.Surgery
Mueller, S.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Pituley, M.ICT Enterprise Systems
Plummer, V.Connection Point
Sales, M.Chemistry
Sired, M.Service Team
Solie, D.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
St.Arnaud, M.Soil Science
Stavness, C.School of Rehabilitation Science
Tam, C.Veterinary Medical Centre
Yagelnesky, J.IT Support Services
Yee, M.Student Central
Zhou, X.International Office
5 Years
Hanson, C.International Student and Study Abroad Centre
Hughes, B.Research Facilitator
Klysko, R.ICT Client Services
McCormick, L.Student Wellness Centre
Michasiw, D.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Neufeld, J.College of Vet Medicine – Dean’s Office
O’Grady, C.USask Health Sciences
Onishenko, K.Access and Equity Services
Overland, D.Office of the Vice-Deans
Penney, K.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Prebble, C.Research Excellence and Innovation
Radcliffe, C.IT Support Services
Reinink, S.Mechanical Engineering
Richard, K.College of Law
Robinson, K.Connection Point
Rus, C.Community Health and Epidemiology
Rutherford, C.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Schiebelbein, D.Continuing Medical Education
Shewaga, J.University Relations
Shirkie, A.College of Agriculture and Bio resources – Dean’s Office
Smithson, H.College of Engineering – Dean’s Office
Sokol Como, A.Aboriginal Students Centre
Thomson, L.IT Support Services
Trann, T.ICT Research and Library Tech
Volk, W.Enterprise Project Office
Walch, B.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Wasson, E.College of Vet Medicine – Dean’s Office
Wehner, A.Financial Reporting
Winter, M.ICT Research and Library Tech
Wolfson, E.Community Health and Epidemiology
Wolsfeld, M.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
Wong, S.IT Support Services
Zhao, D.Confucius Institute
Zhu, J.Saskatchewan Structural Science Centre

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