CLC/SFL Virtual Spring School 2021


Labour education builds solidarity and knowledge. It teaches the skills unions need to represent their members and defend their rights using proven methods that allow adults of all backgrounds to learn. If your union wants to train the next generation of local activists or expand the skills that today’s leaders and activists already have, the CLC/SFL Virtual Spring School 2021 is here to help your union succeed. Unions know they need to reconnect with a new generation of working people. They can do this by being strong advocates for their members at work, as well as better political activists for everyone who works to support themselves and their families.



The steward is often the main point of contact between the union, its members, management, and the larger labour movement. This course builds the skills, confidence, and knowledge a steward needs to represent their members. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of their position as stewards, the handling of grievances and complaints, problem-solving skills, protecting contractual provisions in the collective agreement and current issues for stewards.


The Labour Community Advocate (formerly Union Counselling) is a co-developed training program shared by the Canadian Labour Congress and United Way. This program helps unions develop an internal mechanism to care for their members beyond the scope of collective agreements by providing participants with information about how to access lifesaving social service resources available in their community. Participants are trained in equity, communication skills, interviewing, and referral techniques so they can assist union members. Labour Community Advocates often become the first contact in the union for co-workers experiencing personal challenges and are a valuable resource within any union.


This introductory occupational health and safety (OH&S) course will introduce new committee members and worker representatives to the basic principles of workplace health and safety. This also serves as a great “back to basics” course for those OH&S committee members who desire refresher training. In this course, participants will learn the responsibilities and duties of the Joint OH&S Committee, OH&S legislation (provincial and federal), workers’ OH&S rights and the procedure for refusing unsafe work, how to conduct effective incident investigations and safety inspections, identify and assess OH&S problems in the workplace, and ways of finding solutions.


Bosses, billionaires and economists aren’t the economy, workers are! This course will debunk the myths we are told about the economy and society through fun exercises and exciting guest facilitators. Participants will explore ideas around privilege, indigenized economies, and social justice in their own community. Most importantly, it will give participants the tools they need to build economies and communities that put workers first!

Classes run from May 17 – May 20 9:00am – 5:00pm

REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 1 Classes Fill Quickly – Register Soon!(Registration Closes May 7)


  • Registration Fee is $250.00
  • A Computer, Internet and an Email addressare essential to participate in the virtual school. Equipment is not provided. Please contact your union if you require any equipment.
  • Classes take place between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
  • Class instruction delivered via ZOOM.
  • Class materials will be distributed electronically.

REGISTER ONLINE https://canadianlabour.ca/who-we-are/labour-education

If you would like information, please contact our Professional Development Chair and Vice-President, LaVina Watts at lavina@aspasask.ca or aspa@aspasask.ca