Amendments introduced for Saskatchewan’s Employment Act

Written by Jeanelle Mandes  Global News Posted November 18, 2021 2:54 pm

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Aiming to improve better and safer workplaces for employers and employees, the Saskatchewan government introduced amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

According to a release, amendments in The Saskatchewan Employment Amendment Act, 2021 will clarify any unwelcome action of a sexual nature constitutes harassment and provisions will now cover independent contractors, students and volunteers.

“The legislation that governs our employers and employees needs to address the challenges of the modern work environment, including protecting vulnerable workers,” said Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan in a release. “These amendments will help us build a stronger, safer and healthier Saskatchewan.”

In The Saskatchewan Employment Amendment Act, 2021, the province added amendments to remove the requirement for the Labour Relations Board to exclude supervisory employees from the same bargaining unit as those they supervise, unless the employer and union have entered into an irrevocable election. Instead, the board will be given authority to determine the appropriate bargaining unit, which may include a unit comprised only of supervisors.

According to the release, transition provisions have been included which authorize the board to hear applications from employers or unions to amend certification orders which removed supervisors from the existing bargaining units.

Earlier this week, the Saskatchewan NDP introduced Bill 606, the Saskatchewan Employment (Paid Sick Days) Amendment Act, to provide sick leave for workers in the province.

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