ASPA Service Awards

Since 2016 ASPA has been recognizing members for their years of service within ASPA.  ASPA recognizes those members who have reached a milestone year of as of December 31 each year. 

This year ASPA will be recognizing 204 members who have been on campus for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.  We would like to thank you for all of your work. 

30 Years
Boechler, B.ICT Enterprise Arch & Data Management

25 Years
Thurlbeck, M.Retail Services

20 Years
Chan, A.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Chapuis, M.Language Centre
Corcoran, C.Access and Equity Services
de Freitas, J.Soil Science
Downing, P.Media Production
Favreau, D.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Fraser, H.Library
Kinakin, M.Access and Equity Services
Lavoie, J.Benefit Payments
Litwiller, D.Language Centre
Mineau, T.IT Support Services
Muller, L.University Relations
Pederson, S.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Rowney, D.ICT Research Library & Data Centre
Wagner, B.Vet Microbiology
Yang, J.Benefit Payments

15 Years
Becker, V.Benefit Payments
Berg, L.Distance Education Unit
Briere, D.USask Health Sciences
Campbell, C.Language Centre
Chen, Y.ICT Enterprise Arch & Data Management
Diekema, R.Info & Communications Tech
Gherbrai, Y.IT Support Services
Gonzalez De Souza, L.Arts & Science Admin Support Group
Guerrero, L.Arts & Science Admin Support Group
Horne, N.Chemistry
Jensen, I.Info & Communications Tech
Koshinsky, E.Language Centre
Krebs, P.Arts & Science Finance & Admin
Lee, A.Mathematics & Statistics
Lenz, J.Language Centre
MacKenzie, A.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Moody, S.Enterprise Architecture & Integration
Napper, T.Language Centre
Peace, R.Mechanical Engineering
Philibert, H.Vet Pathology
Pinto, K.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Unruh, D.Student Finance and Awards
Usselman, B.Veterinary Medical Centre
Voigt, J.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Wagner, K.College of Kinesiology
Waite, E.ICT Research Library & Data Centre Tech
Warrington, S.Registrar Services
White, K.ConnectionPoint
Yurach, J.Biology
Zawada, A.Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
Zorn, C.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office

10 Years
Ajami Sales Falafen, R.Computer Science
Alison, A.ICT Research Library & Data Centre Tech
Anderson, S.Veterinary Medical Centre
Banman, K.Dental Clinic
Belliveau, T.IT Support Services
Bens, S.Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching & Learning
Boving, A.Economics
Bowditch, L.International Student & Study Abroad Centre
Coleman, T.University Relations
Cutting, K.College of Engineering – Dean’s Office
Disano, J.Can Hub Applied & Social Research
Elias, L.Office of the Vice-Dean’s
Fairbairn, A.Music
Fonstad, J.Library
Fu, J.Chemistry
Gable, K.Music
Gerwing, S.College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
Goshulak, K.University Relations
Gryba, K.Communication Development & Alumni Relations
Gustafson, P.Undergraduate Student Office
Hala, A.College of Arts & Science – Dean’s Office
Hammerlindl, A.Civil & Geological Engineering
Heffernan, S.Clinical Trial Support Unit
Hinther, M.College of Education – Dean’s Office
Holt, A.Student Wellness Centre
Keeler, V.USask Health Sciences
Lanzer, E.ConnectionPoint
Lowe, P.College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
Mambetsadykov, M.Admissions and Transfer Credit
Mann, M.University Relations
Mattola, P.International Student & Study Abroad Centre
Mueen, A.Student Wellness Centre
Neufeld, H.USask Health Sciences
Olfert, E.Enterprise Project Office
Panko, S.Media Production
Pfeifer, C.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Rawlyk, B.Huskie Athletics
Ross, H.Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching & Learning
Sheehan, K.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Sidach, T.Language Literature & Cultural Studies
Sotvedt, S.Residence
Spencer, T.Student Affairs and Outreach
Stalwick, A.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Stranden, K.Edwards School of Business
Tulloch, H.College of Agriculture & Bioresources – Dean’s Office
Usunier, M.College of Grad & Post Doc Studies

5 Years
Amadi, C.Soil Science
Aramenko, J.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Baron, D.College of Agriculture & Bioresources – Dean’s Office
Bear, A.Indian Teacher Education Program
Bector, S.Engineering Student Centre
Belev, G.Sask Structural Science Centre
Bilodeau, K.Student Central
Blakely, J.Enterprise Project Office
Blenkin, G.Info & Communications Tech
Bogdan, A.Can Hub Applied & Social Research
Bourke, M.College of Engineering – Dean’s Office
Braun, H.School of Public Policy
Buck, D.Music
Cartwright, C.College of Vet Medicine – Dean’s Office
Chometa Keele, J.ConnectionPoint
Clark, A.Chemistry
Cochran, C.Office of the Vice-Dean’s
Collevy, K.Access and Equity Services
Cotton, G.ICT Enterprise Arch & Data Management
de Guzman, J.Student Wellness Centre
Dhir, K.Veterinary Medical Centre
Digout, B.School of Rehabilitation Science
Epp, D.Admissions and Transfer Credit
Esquivel, A.Info & Communications Tech
Evans, BCollege of Agriculture & Bioresources – Dean’s Office
Farquharson Anderson, J.College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
Fox, S.ICT Enterprise Arch & Data Management
Gabadage, K.Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Gallerneault, B.Student Affairs and Outreach
Garcea, K.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Gatzke, K.Enterprise Project Office
Golban, A.Arts & Science Admin Support Group
Goldsmith, S.Animal & Poultry Science
Gulati, A.Arts & Science Admin Support Group
Gullotti, G.Arts & Science Admin Support Group
Hallen, D.Vice-President (Research)
Hanson, C.ConnectionPoint
Helt, H.College of Nursing
Hildebrand, M.University Relations
Hildebrandt, A.ICT Enterprise Arch & Data Management
Jackson, T.Human Resources & Organization Behaviour
Jacobson, N.Family Medicine (Saskatoon)
Johnson, A.Residence
Joshi, R.IT Support Services
Jurgens, K.Enterprise Procurement
Katchuk, N.Edwards School of Business
Khan, R.ICT Security, Risk & Compliance
Knaus, M.Dental Clinic
Kougiya, K.College of Engineering – Dean’s Office
Larson, E.IT Support Services
Leon, V.International Office
Liu, K.Financial Reporting
Lloyd, J.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Leoffler, M.College of Nursing
Lombamo, G.USask Health Services
Lumbis, M.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Mapiour, M.Chem & Bio Engineering
Maslin, C.USask Health Sciences
McCutcheon, J.Can Hub Applied & Social Research
McEachern, N.Student Wellness Centre
McKenzie, A.ICT Research Library & Data Centre Tech
McLeod, L.Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Meier, S.Enterprise Project Office
Mendoza, M.College of Vet Medicine – Dean’s Office
Michel, D.College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
Minakakis, T.College of Nursing
Misfeldt, E.Plant Sciences
Morin, C.University Relations
Mowat, V.College of Arts & Science – Dean’s Office
Murray, J.ICT Research Library & Data Centre Tech
Oehlerking, W.University Relations
Orb, J.Student Wellness Centre
Pajic, A.Engineering Student Centre
Parker, S.Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Pockett, C.ICT Research Library & Data Centre Tech
Potts, E.Undergraduate Student Office
Rashid, H.University Relations
Renner, S.Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
Repski, J.Finance & Resources Admin Network
Robson, K.University Relations
Rogers, M.Can Hub Applied & Social Research
Rose, I.Drama
Salisbury, H.Access and Equity Services
Schlosser, L.Univeristy Relations
Shelling, J.Service Teams
Sisco-Borysko, C.ConnectionPoint
Smith, C.College of Grad & Post Doc Studies
Stalwick, A.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Stavrou, S.Mathematics & Statistics
Svarc, D.Edwards School of Business
Van Zanten, A.Student Wellness Centre
Verishagen, L.University Relations
Wilkinson, C.College of Nursing
Wilkinson, P.University Relations
Williamson, P.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Woroniuk, A.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Yang, J.Financial Operations
Zhou, J.IT Support Services
Zimmerman, D.Student Information Services
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