ASPA Member Services Officer – Glenn Billingsley

Hello ASPA Members,

We would like to thank you for patiently awaiting the announcement of our new Member Services Officer. Glenn Billingsley will be starting in the ASPA Office room 302 Kirk Hall on May 30, 2022.

You may contact Glenn Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm at or 306.966.7392

Glenn Billingsley grew up in Regina before moving to Saskatoon in 2009. Glenn has worked fulltime for the Government of Saskatchewan and SGEU for the past 33 years. He earned a Certificate in Labour Relations from Queens in 2009, and holds many certificates from the Foundation of Administrative Justice.

Previously, Glenn worked for SGEU for 14 years, with a focus on labour, human rights, and employment relations. Glenn represented workers as a Labour Relations Officer for unions and their members on a wide range of labour and employment law issues and has appeared before the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board and Arbitration Boards, as well has negotiated with various levels of private and public sector bargaining units in Saskatchewan.

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