National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

tānisi. hãn. ëdƚanet’e? taanishi. aniin

[Cree. Dakota/Lakota/Nakota. Dene. Michif. Saulteaux]

ASPA acknowledges the importance of Sept 30th, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as a day to honour the children who never returned home and survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

September 30th is also Orange shirt day. Orange Shirt Day is “an Indigenous-led grassroots commemorative day intended to raise awareness of the individual, family and community inter-generational impacts of residential schools, and to promote the concept of “Every Child Matters”.  The orange shirt is a symbol of the stripping away of culture, freedom and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children over generations”. We encourage ASPA staff to wear orange shirts on September 30th but also on your workdays leading up to Sept 30th

During our current round of bargaining, ASPA is working to ensure the new collective agreement includes Indigenous perspectives in a meaningful way.

Reconciliation is about taking action.  We encourage our members to read a book, watch a film, attend a presentation, or attend a campus or local event.

Click here to learn more on Truth and Reconciliation.  



Use these links to find out more information on local and usask events:


·        In Saskatoon

·        In Regina –

·        In Prince Albert –

 In solidarity,

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