ASPA Service Awards

Since 2016 ASPA has been recognizing members for their years of service within the ASPA Union.  ASPA recognizes those members who have reached a milestone year of as of December 31 each year. 

This year ASPA will be recognizing 151 members who have been on campus for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years as of December 31, 2022. We would like to thank you for all of your work! 

5 Years
Aburto, E.Vet Pathology
Almas, C.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Amusa, K.SBA Finance
Appell, R.Research Excellence and Innovation
Baillie, C.Retail Services
Barandica-Hamilton, J.Huskie Athletics
Beaulieu, N.Library
Bentley, S.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Bodnar, S.Edwards School of Business
Bonogofski-Braun, C.ConnectionPoint
Braid, R.Career Services
Breland, A.Student Wellness Centre
Chapman, B.Huskie Athletics
Chornousenko, A.Financial Reporting
Crawford, S.Culunary Services
Dingwall, J.Distance Education Unit
Donovan, T.Safety Resources
Ebach, T.College of Vet Medicine – Dean’s Office
Ewan, P.ICT Security, Risk and Compliance
Fiddler, R.Aboriginal Students Centre
Flory, S.Huskie Athletics
Fournier, J.Animal Science Farm
Fraser, M.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Giegle, M.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Gowan, D.Community Health and Epidemiology
Hartshorn, J.International Student and Study Abroad Centre
Heitmar, J.Access and Equity Services
Hiebert, C.Global Institute for Food Security
Hilderman, K.Huskie Athletics
Hubert, M.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Hutcheson, M.Safety Resources
Isaak, D.Aboriginal Students Centre
Jantzen, C.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Kizlyk, K.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Klassen, S.Admissions and Transfer Credit
Kosar, L.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Lalonde, L.University Relations
Lavoie, K.College of Nursing
Leader, J.Edwards School of Business
Ledding, B.Student Health Centre
Loewen, A.Music
Lovelace, R.Information and Communications Technology
Lucyshyn, T.Edwards School of Business
Ludwar, D.College of Nursing
Luo, Y.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Maier, J.Distance Education Unit
Makulowich, B.College of Agriculture and Bioresources – Dean’s Office
Mamer, S.Access and Equity Services
Mapletoft, J.Research Excellence and Innovation
Mattson, L.ICT Enterprise Archives and Data Management
Mohamed, S.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Muller, A.Plant Sciences
Mullin, C.College of Kinesiology
Musashi, E.Student Recruitment
Mynhardt, J.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Neault, B.Student Wellness Centre
Nicklin, J.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Noble, W.Research Excellence and Innovation
Panchuk, R.Registrarial Services
Paul, M.Global Institute for Food Security
Peiris, S.Office of the Vice-President of Research
Price, F.College of Engineering – Dean’s Office
Reindl, J.Huskie Athletics
Ridalls, T.Access and Equity Services
Roberts, R.Gwenna Moss Centre
Rust, E.College of Nursing
Ryan, J.Indian Teacher Education Program
Sharp, K.ICT Enterprise Archives and Data Management
Siwak, C.VPTL – USLC
Spicer, B.Edwards School of Business
Stobart, C.Sask Centre Patient Oriented Research
Tang, L.International Office
Thomas, A.Benefit Payments
Tomtene, J.Nursing – Dean’s Office
Torresyap, M.Dental Clinic
Walling, E.Community Health and Epidemiology
10 Years
Badger, R.Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement
Banow, R.Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning
Boyd, F.USask Health Sciences
Brown, C.Service Team
Cantwell, M.University Relations
Clark, G.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Dean, R.Nursing – Dean’s Office
Du Toit, E.Student Wellness Centre
Geller, E.Library
Gibbons, M.Research Ethics
Gossa, M.Residence
Gress, J.University Relations
Hanson, S.Student Information Services
Haver, C.Sask Centre Patient Orientated Research
Hoessler, C.Continuing Medical Education
Huaman Chavarria, N.Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Issel, C.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Kelso, K.College of Nursing
Lombamo, G.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
MacLean, C.University Relations
Manoharan, G.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
McWhinney, H.CCDE – USLC
Mondigo, S.Undergraduate Student Office
Naytowhow, J.ITEP
Okunola, O.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Partridge, W.Career Services
Pickering, A.Student Wellness Centre
Pytlyk, C.School of Environment and Sustainability
Robertson, I.Information and Communications Technology
Seguin, C.Community Health and Epidemiology
Smith-Windsor, E.College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Stone, S.Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives
Svennes, J.Student Health Centre
Thomas, A.Media Production
Thurmeier, R.College of Nursing
Trefiak, S.College of Law
Trevena, K.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Wilkie, J.Admissions and Transfer Credit
Wong, S.College of Kinesiology
Woodsworth, J.Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Yu, S.Gwenna Moss Centre
15 Years
Adair, R.Art and Art History
Altman, C.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Baliski, T.Student Central
Bantle, J.Plant Sciences
Bieber, M.Culinary Services
Blackmore, H.Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence
Bolton-Debusschere, L.Pharmacy – Dean’s Office
Bueckert, S.College of Education – Dean’s Office
Burmester, M.Animal Care Unit
Fisher, S.Biology
Frost, S.Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning
Gaudet, D.College of Dentistry
Germin, J.Service Team
Koshinsky, E.U of S Language Centre
Kozakevich, N.College of Veterinary Medicine – Dean’s Office
Kwok, L.University Relations
Links, P.College of Veterinary Medicine – Dean’s Office
MacCormick, V.College of Kinesiology
Marken, L.Library
Marshall, D.Arts and Science Admin Support Group
Moody, S.ICT Enterprise Archives and Data Management
Mulligan, K.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Pete, C.Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement
Schoenemann, H.Benefit Payments
Shui, J.IT Support Services
Tariq, M.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Taylor, L.Kenderdine Gallery
Turner, J.Distance Education Unit
Ulmer, T.Benefit Payments
van de Velde, D.Library
Varde, S.Student Central
Wilson, R.College of Nursing
Young, V.Plant Sciences
20 Years
Arguin, A.Student Wellness Centre
Giesbrecht, A.Student Information Systems
Hanoski, R.Student Wellness Centre
Hoang, D.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Krol, L.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Lazic, S.Student Recruitment
Leis, L.Capital Planning
Machibroda, D.Capital Planning
MacKenzie, V.Chemistry
Maley, J.Sask Structural Science Centre
Marr, D.IT Support Services
Meneses, J.Facilities Sustainability and Engineering
Munro, L.Research Excellence and Innovation
Pederson, D.ICT Research, Library, and Data Centre Technologies
Plante, A.Research Excellence and Innovation
Stewart, L.ICT Research, Library, and Data Centre Technologies
Toews, D.College of Medicine – Dean’s Office
Warren, D.University Relations
25 Years
Giesbrecht, W.Media Production
Koehn, G.Library
Lukey, H.College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Muench, D.Student Central
Uhl, C.Consultation and Design
Zintel, T.ICT Research, Library, and Data Centre Technologies
30 Years
Anderson Obach, S.Benefit Payments
Bulk, M.Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Friesen, D.ICT Research, Library, and Data Centre Technologies
Glover, K.ICT Enterprise Solutions
Jones, K.College of Kinesiology
Kanigan, C.Benefit Payments
Teszeri, D.Information and Communications Technology
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