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ASPA 2018 Census Summary – APDA

The ASPA Census 2018 questionnaire included questions about the utilization of the Accountable Professional Development Account (APDA), alternatively referred to as Accountable Professional Expense Fund (APEF).

A brief reminder: each year, on May 1, the employer provides a certain amount of APDA funds to each member. Full-time employees receive $1,100 per year. Article 12.10 of the ASPA Collective Agreement with the employer contains the relevant details of the annual allocation, and of the suggested uses of the APDA funds. You can find your personal APDA balance in PAWS, Employee, My Professional Funds. You will need to speak to your supervisor if you want to use APDA funds.

We believe that the APDA funds provide an important resource to our members who want to engage in professional development activities that benefit them and their work unit. We encourage our members to make full use of the APDA funds.

Following is a summary of the responses to several Census 2018 questions that address the utilization of the APDA funds. This is what we found: Continue reading “ASPA 2018 Census Summary – APDA”

Member Highlights

ASPA Member Highlight – Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Coordinator

Written by Karen E. Mosier, ASPA Communications Committee

Odili Obi has a BA in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Regina. He has worked at the University of Odili ObiSaskatchewan for 5 1/2 years.

Odili is the Waste Prevention Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability. He is in charge of managing the university’s single-stream recycling program. He manages solid waste. This includes landfill, waste, and compost. Currently, 27% of waste is diverted from ending up in the landfill because of the university’s aggressive recycling program. Continue reading “ASPA Member Highlight – Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Coordinator”

Labour in the News

Why a Union Drive at Tim Horton’s in small town Saskatchewan Matters

By Gerard Di Trolio

On Thursday August 16, workers at the Tim Horton’s in the small town of Canora, Saskatchewan will vote for the second time on whether to certify Workers United Canada Council to represent them. The previous certification vote was held in June 2017.

The circumstances of the re-vote for certification called by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board in a 2-1 decision made on July 20 could have a chilling effect on further unionization efforts in the province. Read more!

Member Interest Articles

U of S online salary disclosure ‘a step in the right direction’: expert

By Alex McPherson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, August 14, 2018
Until recently, information about the university’s top earners could only be found in a three-ring binder in the institution’s library.

The University of Saskatchewan followed through on a year-old commitment to improve transparency by publishing an online database of its highest-paid employees’ salaries, bonuses and other pay.

The database includes 955 university employees, each of whom earns more than $125,000 per year. Until last month, that information could only be obtained by visiting the university library and consulting a printed list.  READ MORE


ASPA Updates

Summary of Census Survey – ASPA Brown Bags

Written by Peter Krebs, Research Committee

Lunchtime ASPA Brown Bag (ASPA BBs) sessions can be a useful vehicle for ASPA to bring ASPA members together, to become informed about various elements of their employment at the University, and to discuss such matters in a group based interactive format. In ASPA BBs, we explore and interpret details of important elements in our collective agreement. ASPA BBs also provide direct person-to-person Q&A opportunities.  Recordings from various past BBs are available for viewing on the ASPA Advocate website, under “Categories – Brown Bag Sessions”. Continue reading “Summary of Census Survey – ASPA Brown Bags”

Member Interest Articles

Making the Most of your Job

By Karen E. Mosier – Reprinted with permission.  Original printed in CARA Connection Newsletter Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov 2017

Over the years I have had many different jobs. Some positions were more exciting and dynamic than others. But regardless of my job description, I love going home with a feeling of satisfaction for all the things that I have accomplished throughout the day. Part of enjoying your career is getting the most out of every day.

Continue reading “Making the Most of your Job”