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Learning From Your Mistakes

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Have you made a mistake at work and were worried to admit it or concerned that it might affect your relationships with colleagues or your career trajectory?  We’ve all been there.  What’s important is to recognize that mistakes can be a learning opportunity and, most often, you can recover from them. 

Consider these three ways you can turn a mistake into a stepping stone for your career:

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Brown Bag Sessions, Member Interest Articles

Brown Bag Sessions Survey Results; April 2021


ASPA Research Committee conducted an online survey from March 10 – 19, 2021 to gather ASPA members’ feedback on brown bag sessions presented by the ASPA executive. The brief survey gathered insights on topics of interest and how best to offer the sessions. A total of 204 surveys were completed, representing a 15% response rate.  The ASPA Research Committee would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the survey – your feedback will assist with planning future brown bag sessions. This article provides an overview of the survey results.

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President's Message

President’s Message

President Curtis Larson

The ASPA AGM was held on Wednesday April 21, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom. Last year when I wrote my annual report to the membership the COVID-19 pandemic was still in the early stages and we certainly didn’t know what we know today and I think many of us, myself included, felt we would be back at work in the fall of 2020. Little did
we know that more than a year later most of us would continue to work remotely and many restrictions would still be in place. But we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with vaccines being approved (4 so far) and an increasing number of vaccine
shots available in the province. I know this has challenged all of us as we have had to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and grief when we lost loved ones to the pandemic and were not able to grieve together. I encourage everyone to seek out help when you need it and encourage everyone to reach out to friends and family to keep
those connections strong and support each other and when it is your turn to get the vaccine to sign up.

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Day of Mourning

Today, April 28th, is the National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job. As Saskatchewan battles a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour is urging the provincial government to take immediate action to protect workers and ensure that there are no more preventable illnesses or deaths from COVID-19 contracted by workers while on the job.

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Labour in the News

UNBC faculty signs collective agreement ending lengthy labour dispute with university

Disclaimer – The views in this article are not necessarily the views of, nor express our reality in, ASPA.  The purpose of highlighting this article is to provide members with varying viewpoints and information about Labour and the happenings around campus, provincially, nationally and internationally.

The 4-year contract raises annual salaries by 2 per cent, retroactive to July 2019.

The faculty association of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) has reached its first collective agreement with the university administration since 2014, putting an end to unrest that has led to two strikes and closed classrooms.

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Member Highlights

ASPA Member Highlight – Megan Fillatre, International Research Specialist, International Office

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Megan Fillatre joined the University of Saskatchewan in 2015 as an international student recruitment and liaison officer and moved to the International Office in 2016.

“This is where I truly found a passion,” says Megan. “Knowing that I am a small piece of the puzzle in an organization that advances and supports global academic and research opportunities and that what I do has purpose, drives me forward.”

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Labour in the News

Coronavirus Crisis Poses Risks and Opportunities for Unions

Disclaimer – The views in this article are not necessarily the views of, nor express our reality in, ASPA.  The purpose of highlighting this article is to provide members with varying viewpoints and information about Labour and the happenings around campus, provincially, nationally and internationally.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout pose serious challenges for Canada’s workers.

Naomi Klein’s 2007 bestseller, The Shock Doctrinedocumented how political and economic elites have exploited crises to advance an agenda of privatization and austerity.

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ASPA Updates







1:00 pm (Call to order)

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ASPA Updates

2021 List of Executive Nominations with Biographies


My name is Erica Li-Humen. I graduated from Edwards School of Business with my MBA in 2003. Prior to joining the university, I worked with provincial government for over 10 years as business development manager. I have been with the university since 2019. I worked with the Controller Officer as Institutional Approver, and a Finance Analyst with College of Medicine. In December 2020, I started my new career path with Global Institute for Water Security as Financial Analyst. Although my roles and responsibilities were quite different in the past, I gained a numerous skill with different university units. I appreciate people who I have been working with to provide me the opportunity to challenge myself and help me to achieve my goals.

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Canada: Paid Vacation Leave

by Lisa Goodfellow and Jenifer Gentle Miller Thomson LLP

Saskatchewan has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to implement a paid leave to allow an employee to take time off work to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Saskatchewan’s The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020 have been amended to add a new Special Vaccination Leave (s. 6-22.1).  Under this provision, workers:

  • are entitled to three consecutive hours leave during work hours to receive a COVID-19 vaccination;
  • are entitled to more than three consecutive hours if the employer determines the circumstances warrant a longer break from work; and
  • do not lose any pay or other benefits while receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

This new regulation came into force on March 18, 2021.  It will be interesting to see if any other Canadian jurisdictions follow Saskatchewan’s lead in providing this paid vaccination leave.  We will keep you informed of any updates.

Reference Site: Paid Vaccination Leave – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Canada (