Professional Development

Professional Development

Accountable Professional Development Account (APDA) (Article 12.3)

Eligible ASPA members are entitled to the Accountable Professional Development Account (APDA) which is $1,100 per year with unused funds carrying over from year to year to a maximum of $9000. Your balance is available in PAWS in the Admin Services Tab. For a list of allowable expenses or for more information visit or contact Financial Services at 966-4600.

Tuition Waiver (Article 12.2)

Members shall be entitled to have tuition fees waived (not reimbursed) for one course for credit per academic term for courses taken at the University of Saskatchewan.  Registration is completed through the normal class registration procedure. The tuition waiver is accessed through Student Accounts & Treasury, Financial Services Division.

Provided that space is available in the course, the tuition for auditing one six-credit unit course or equivalent, per academic year, will be waived by the University. If the course is audited during normal working hours, approval must be obtained in advance from the department head.

Tuition Reimbursement Fund (Article 12.4)

The TRF is available for members’ immediate family (spouses, partners, and children). Tuition reimbursements will be made annually. The Student and Enrolment Division (SESD) at the University will administer the fund.

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