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1,900 U of S employees to hold strike vote Sept. 27

by Alex MacPherson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, September 18, 2018

One day after serving notice that contract negotiations had reached an impasse, a union representing around 1,900 University of Saskatchewan employees has directed its bargaining committee to hold a strike vote later this month.

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1975, which represents a diverse range of employees including IT workers, truck drivers, parking enforcement officers and shopkeepers, has been without a collective agreement since Dec. 31, 2015.

In a news release issued Monday morning, the union said the “main sticking point” in the current round of talks was that the university refuses to negotiate pension plans, and is “threatening to make unilateral cuts to the pension plan.” READ MORE

Labour in the News

Unlimited leave is working so well, some companies are offering it fully paid

By Chris Pash, August 28, 2018

Annual leave, long stuck at a non-stretchable four weeks, is starting to open up for Australians.  Until recently it has been rare for employers to offer anything more than the legal minimum.

Now there’s a movement to get a little more creative, add a couple of days here and there in the form of having birthdays off, official mental health days or just a couple of extra days as a form of inducement to come to work for a particular company.

Some even offer unlimited annual leave.  That means the company just leaves it to its staff to decide what an appropriate amount of time off is.  READ MORE


Labour in the News

Why a Union Drive at Tim Horton’s in small town Saskatchewan Matters

By Gerard Di Trolio

On Thursday August 16, workers at the Tim Horton’s in the small town of Canora, Saskatchewan will vote for the second time on whether to certify Workers United Canada Council to represent them. The previous certification vote was held in June 2017.

The circumstances of the re-vote for certification called by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board in a 2-1 decision made on July 20 could have a chilling effect on further unionization efforts in the province. Read more!

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Legal Aid layoffs cause concern among Saskatoon legal community

Angelina IriniciAngelina IriniciReporter,  @angelinaiCTV, Published Wednesday, July 4, 2018 6:28PM CST, Last Updated Wednesday, July 4, 2018 6:43PM CST
Layoff notices have been issued for staff at Legal Aid in Saskatoon. Some of the legal work will now be contracted out to private lawyers.

The vice-president of CUPE Local 1949, which represents Legal Aid Saskatchewan employees, said layoff notices in the Saskatoon office sent shockwaves through staff.

Six administrative employees, which is the equivalent of four and a half full-time positions, are being cut and three vacant lawyer positions are not being filled, according to union vice-president and Legal Aid lawyer Deb Hopkins. She also said some duty counsel work, which includes bail hearings and sentencings, is being contracted out to private lawyers.  READ MORE

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Postdocs at the University of Saskatchewan

by Issac Armstrong, PSAC Regional Representative

The Postdocs of the PSAC 40004 Local have been bargaining with the University for our first collective agreement since October 2017. We are into the hardest part of bargaining – negotiating improvements to salaries and benefits.

Did you know?

University of Saskatchewan Postdoctoral Fellows (Postdocs):

  • Are highly educated researchers, often with greater than 10 years of post-secondary education;
  • Are full time staff;
  • Contribute to the academic success of the University through innovative research and publications, grant income, graduate student mentorship and training, and production of intellectual property.

These contributions are essential to the University’s status as a U15 research institute. Continue reading “Postdocs at the University of Saskatchewan”

Labour in the News

Introducing one of the University’s newest Unions.

By Issac Armstrong, PSAC Regional Representative

We are Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 40004. Our local represents approximately 1100 members on campus. Our membership is comprised of three main groups:

  1. The graduate workers (Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant/Student Assistant), who negotiated a first contract that went into effect in Oct 2017. This group has around 850 members across campus.
  2. We also proudly represent around 200 Post-doctoral fellows, who are currently in first contract negotiation with the employer. (see info sheet below)
  3. Recently, we certified around 50 new members working as veterinary residents at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. This group is currently in the process of selecting a bargaining team.

Continue reading “Introducing one of the University’s newest Unions.”