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1,900 U of S employees to hold strike vote Sept. 27

by Alex MacPherson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, September 18, 2018

One day after serving notice that contract negotiations had reached an impasse, a union representing around 1,900 University of Saskatchewan employees has directed its bargaining committee to hold a strike vote later this month.

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1975, which represents a diverse range of employees including IT workers, truck drivers, parking enforcement officers and shopkeepers, has been without a collective agreement since Dec. 31, 2015.

In a news release issued Monday morning, the union said the “main sticking point” in the current round of talks was that the university refuses to negotiate pension plans, and is “threatening to make unilateral cuts to the pension plan.” READ MORE

Did You Know?

Personal/Family Leaves – Article 20.9

Written by Darcy – Hryn-Bird, ASPA Member Services Officer

Did you know that as a member of ASPA you have access to three (3) days of paid leave to deal with emergent, personal or family situations?

Article 20.9 of the Collective Agreement (May 1, 2014 – April 30, 2019) states: “ In order to meet the needs of a member to attend to emergent, personal or family situations, a maximum of three (3) days of paid leave is eligible per calendar year and does not accumulate from year to year.” Continue reading “Personal/Family Leaves – Article 20.9”

Labour in the News

Unlimited leave is working so well, some companies are offering it fully paid

By Chris Pash, August 28, 2018

Annual leave, long stuck at a non-stretchable four weeks, is starting to open up for Australians.  Until recently it has been rare for employers to offer anything more than the legal minimum.

Now there’s a movement to get a little more creative, add a couple of days here and there in the form of having birthdays off, official mental health days or just a couple of extra days as a form of inducement to come to work for a particular company.

Some even offer unlimited annual leave.  That means the company just leaves it to its staff to decide what an appropriate amount of time off is.  READ MORE


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All Unions Pancake Breakfast 2018

Here are a few pictures from the 2018 Pancake Breakfast, held on September 6,  We were pleased that Larry Hubick, President and Lori Johb, Secretary Treasurer from the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and President Stoicheff joined us for breakfast.  It was a beautiful day for a great event.

pancake 5
L – R: Dawn Giesbrecht, ASPA VP, LaVina Watts, ASPA VP, Sheila ffolliott, ASPA Treasurer, Annetta Gellner, Executive Assistant, John Costa and Curtis Larson, ASPA Executive







2018 breakfast 1
President Stoicheff visiting with ASPA

pancake 6Lori and Larry, SFL

pancake 8 Continue reading “All Unions Pancake Breakfast 2018”

Member Highlights

ASPA Member Highlight – Darwin Roy, Executive Director Community Relations & Engagement

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Darwin Roy has a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Masters in Educational Administration, both from the University of Saskatchewan. He started his position as pic 3Executive Director on March 13, 2018.

His portfolio is to represent the University of Saskatchewan to ensure strong, positive, mutually beneficial relationships and community presence that enhances the University’s reputation, while building awareness of its purpose and presence.   Continue reading “ASPA Member Highlight – Darwin Roy, Executive Director Community Relations & Engagement”

ASPA Updates

ASPA 2018 Census Summary – APDA

The ASPA Census 2018 questionnaire included questions about the utilization of the Accountable Professional Development Account (APDA), alternatively referred to as Accountable Professional Expense Fund (APEF).

A brief reminder: each year, on May 1, the employer provides a certain amount of APDA funds to each member. Full-time employees receive $1,100 per year. Article 12.10 of the ASPA Collective Agreement with the employer contains the relevant details of the annual allocation, and of the suggested uses of the APDA funds. You can find your personal APDA balance in PAWS, Employee, My Professional Funds. You will need to speak to your supervisor if you want to use APDA funds.

We believe that the APDA funds provide an important resource to our members who want to engage in professional development activities that benefit them and their work unit. We encourage our members to make full use of the APDA funds.

Following is a summary of the responses to several Census 2018 questions that address the utilization of the APDA funds. This is what we found: Continue reading “ASPA 2018 Census Summary – APDA”

Member Highlights

ASPA Member Highlight – Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Coordinator

Written by Karen E. Mosier, ASPA Communications Committee

Odili Obi has a BA in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Regina. He has worked at the University of Odili ObiSaskatchewan for 5 1/2 years.

Odili is the Waste Prevention Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability. He is in charge of managing the university’s single-stream recycling program. He manages solid waste. This includes landfill, waste, and compost. Currently, 27% of waste is diverted from ending up in the landfill because of the university’s aggressive recycling program. Continue reading “ASPA Member Highlight – Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Coordinator”