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Executive Member Highlight: Paola Chiste

Paola ChristieAs part of our ASPA Newsletter we want to introduce you to the volunteers who make up the Executive Committee. Throughout the year the communications committee will highlight these individuals so that members can learn more about those who represent them. We decided the first highlight would be our longest-serving member of the Executive, Paola Chiste, and we asked what drew her to Volunteer for ASPA and what she has learned in the process.

Paola is a Research Officer in the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and a long time volunteer with ASPA. Paola first started volunteering for ASPA back in 2000.  She was fresh out of school and couldn’t resist the offer of free lunches after years of the starving-student mentality. Paola jokes, “I quickly learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch.” Read More

Top 10 things Canadian unions want to see in the federal budget

Early next week, the federal Liberal government will table their first budget. This is an historic opportunity for our government to respond to the jobs crisis.

Annual General Meeting – April 28th






2:30 pm (Call to order)

Please refer to the ASPA website at  WWW.ASPASASK.CA

for the documentation for the AGM: the Agenda, Minutes of AGM April 2015 and General Meeting January 2016, Executive list, Committee list, Committee Reports, a note on the Financial Statements, and the list of nominees.

There will be several door prize draws.

You must be in attendance to win.

A Social will follow at Marquis Hall

Ratification Vote

ASPA has ratified the tentative agreement with an overwhelming support of 93% of members who voted.  The eVote was very successful with the largest percentage of our members voting in the history of ASPA at 80%.

The ASPA Bargaining Team and Executive want to thank you for your support through this process.  We will be doing a follow up survey to seek input from you about what worked and what didn’t so that we can prepare for the future.

ASPA Bargaining Team and Executive

Invitation from the USFA

Hello. On behalf of the Saskatchewan Association of University Teachers (SAUT), the St Thomas More Faculty Union and the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your members to attend a pre-election forum on the issue of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.
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Tentative agreement reached

On Feb 4, 2016 ASPA and the University of Saskatchewan reached a tentative agreement.  The ASPA bargaining team is recommending ratification of the agreement.

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ASPA General Meeting


Gen Mtg Notice

Notice of AGM

Jan General Meetiing Agenda


Proposed Constitution changes

Proposed changes to constitution


16.01.04 Gen Mtg Notice rev

16.01.20 Jan General Meetiing Agenda

16.01.20 Proposed Constitution changes


Happy Holidays

I would like to take this time to thank the ASPA staff and volunteers who put in countless hours to support ASPA all year long.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

~ Dawn ~

Bargaining Timeline


July 28th and 29th – Mediation

August 4th – Mediation

September 23rd and 24th – Mediation

September 24th – The employer provided ASPA with an offer. The offer was noted as being “without prejudice and without precedent”. ASPA began to counter the employer’s offer but were unable to articulate it completely as the employer interrupted and advised us without prior written notice that the offer on the table was now a final offer from the University. Mediation had broken off and the parties began their fourteen (14) day cooling off period.

October 1st – The employer provided ASPA with a draft of the collective agreement on Thursday at 4:27pm and we were advised that this was going to be placed on their website early the following week. The draft contained items that had not been agreed to or discussed previously. ASPA requested that the University refrain from posting the draft agreement until it could be reviewed by ASPA. ASPA was advised that they were posting it anyway.

October 5th – October 9th – ASPA held information sessions with its members.

October 9th – ASPA received a letter from the University’s chief negotiator Greg Trew. The letter advised ASPA that the employer was expecting them to take the offer to the membership for a vote. There is no obligation for ASPA to do so. The letter also offered to meet with only the ASPA President, Dawn Giesbrecht as a one on one dialogue.

October 20th – ASPA responded to the employer, advising them that we were consulting with our members and would provide them with a response in due course.

October 23rd – ASPA posted the power point presentation on the ASPA website

October 26th – ASPA held a rally in the bowl, welcoming President Stoicheff to his new role and asking for him to be a catalyst for positive change on campus. We also delivered a letter to the President asking him to have his bargaining team come back to the table so that we may have the rest of the counter proposal heard by the employer. (View letter) At the end of the day, ASPA received a faxed letter from the employer’s Chief Negotiator, Greg Trew suggesting that ASPA had engaged in an unfair labour practice and that we were bargaining in bad faith because we had communicated a monetary bargaining position with our members prior to providing this information to the employer. ASPA had begun to share this offer with the employer back on September 24th, but was unable to complete the full counter-proposal because the University decided to walk away from the table during our presentation. ASPA has not committed an unfair labour practice.

October 28th, – ASPA received a letter from President Stoicheff (View Letter). ASPA responded to Mr. Trew and offered to have the parties meet so that negotiations could continue. We offered a number of dates in which we were available to meet with the University. ASPA wanted to have the chance to actually be heard by the employer’s bargaining team and were hopeful that discussions could continue. The employer however was not interested in bringing together the full bargaining teams again contrary to statements that seem to indicate they were willing. (View Article)

October 29 –November 7– ASPA conducted a survey of its members.

November 18th – ASPA provided a letter to Mr. Trew advising him that we had done a survey of our members and that 71% of our members had rejected the employer’s proposal and therefore we were not taking the employer’s proposal to a formal vote. ASPA once again offered to meet with the University bargaining team and if the University was still unwilling to meet with the full team then ASPA’s Co -Chief Negotiators would be prepared to meet with a single representative of the University.

November 19th – The Chief Negotiator for the University provided ASPA with a letter saying that they have no need to meet with the bargaining committee. He further suggested that bargaining had concluded but offered to “find a basis for further discussion” as a one-on-one with the Chief Negotiator for ASPA. Dates were provided.

December 10th – Ken Glover and Jim Coller (ASPA Co-Chief Negotiators) met with Greg Trew the Chief Negotiator for the University. The parties discussed ways to move forward. The parties will review the results of the conversation and will provide feedback in January.


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