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Rally in the Bowl video excerpts and commentary.

ASPA President Dawn Giesbrecht

ASPA negotiator Ken Glover

CUPE President Wayne Foley

Reactions from Faculty Association and ASPA members

Letter to President Stoicheff

15.10.26 letter to the_president


15.10.26 letter to the_president


What was said at the Rally

In Case you missed the rally in the bowl, here is what our executive had to say there.

From Ken Glover:

Hello, I am Ken Glover, a University employee since 1992, 7 year ASPA volunteer, a past ASPA president, and co-lead negotiator for the ASPA bargaining team.

As an ASPA executive member, I had the privilege of sitting with people when they were laid off a few years ago.  From my own experience and those of the other ASPA volunteers, I heard how a number of people were first concerned about the students they work with, their co-workers, and the programs they were being forced to leave behind.  “What will happen to them?” was almost always asked.

Right now, there are a lot of dedicated and passionate people working at the university doing jobs they believe in and take ownership for the outcomes of.  The direction the senior leadership at this institution has been taking is to take advantage of those people by heaping upon them increased workloads, less thanks, and less acknowledgement.

At the bargaining table we are told that our members stay too long in their jobs (like that is a bad thing), that staff turnover is too low (when most companies are striving for a low staff turnover), and then using those as reasons to claw back benefits and offer no wage increases for 2 years of a 4 year agreement.

We were also told that the university has money, but not for ASPA members.  Most employees don’t get to personally experience this kind of truth about how we are thought of by the “leadership” of this institution.  As ASPA President, I got to learn a lot about how senior leadership thinks about the employees, and in bargaining we get a lot more of that kind of abusive relationship building. When the ASPA bargaining team suggested interest based bargaining, where we can talk about the challenges we face together, and come up with some creative ways to address those challenges, the University’s team accused us of using this style of bargaining as a way not change anything and came back with their positional agenda and bullying attitude.

I have heard that our new University President, Peter Stoicheff, is a man who walks the talk.  When he says he wants to build relationships and have an engaged and enthusiastic workforce, he means it.  I would like to invite President Stoicheff to charge his bargaining team to live his vision and come back to the table to negotiate with mutual respect for all the employees on campus.

CTV News Coverage of ASPA Rally in the Bowl

CTV News October 26

The story about our rally starts at 6 minutes into the clip.

ASPA in the News

Saskatoon Star Phoenix coverage of the ASPA rally

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Press Release: Labour Unions Rally in the Bowl to send message to the New U of S President

The Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA) held a public rally with the other labour unions on campus in the Bowl on the U of S campus on Monday October 26th at noon to welcome new President Peter Stoicheff and to ask him to send his team back to the negotiating table. Read More

October Bargaining Update Information Session

ASPA Presentation Bargaining Update October 2015

rally invite

Rally In The Bowl

The Following is a message from the ASPA negotiating team to it’s members:

Dear Valued ASPA Member,

We want to thank you all very much for taking the time to attend one of the information sessions, reading updates and providing feedback over the last few weeks; the input and guidance you provided the bargaining team was invaluable. You spoke loud and clear with only 9% of attendees at the information sessions showing any support for the current University offer. Throughout your comments there was a common thread about feeling disrespected by the employer and with your continued support we want to change that.

Many members also wanted to know what the other bargaining units thought of the offer presented to ASPA.  We consulted almost every single bargaining unit on campus very recently. The other unions clearly saw the disrespect shining through the offer as well and are ready to show their support for our members. So united we will stand alongside our colleagues from the other bargaining units on campus.  On Monday October 26th at noon we will be holding a public rally in the bowl to welcome the new President and to ask him to send his team back to the table to negotiate with the respect and dignity we deserve. The other bargaining units will be joining and voicing their support in front of the entire campus community and local media. We hope that this rally will bring positive change to the practices of our Human Resource department on campus under the new leadership of President Stoicheff.

We need you to come out to the bowl and bring your colleagues, whether they are ASPA, USFA, CUPE, PSAC or PAIRS and lets send a positive message of change and respect together. We heard you loud and clear and this is your opportunity to make sure the employer hears you too.

ASPA will be providing a free burger lunch for the first 500 attendees. We humbly ask you to spend your lunch hour with us. It is our sincere hope that an overwhelming crowd will bring the University back to the bargaining table not to dictate terms as they have, but rather to take part in a fair and equitable negotiation. We will see you October 26th at 12 noon for lunch in the bowl.

In solidarity,

Your ASPA Executive and Bargaining Team

July President’s Message


Dawn Giesbrecht

“Never a dull moment.” This is how I can best sum up the last two months since I started as ASPA President. By now you should have heard that the U and ASPA have reached an impasse in bargaining. In an effort to keep our members well in- formed, here is a little of what I know.First, I would like to take this time to thank ASPA’s bargaining team. The team is led by Ken Glover and Jim Coller. They are joined by Chloe Corcoran, Paola Chiste, and assisted by Darcy Hryn and Annetta Gellner. They have all worked hard and put in countless hours to put together a package deal that balances the needs of our membership with the requests of the university. As you can imagine, this is no easy feat.I officially joined the bargaining team in late May. While I had been told that it was proving to be a difficult process, I honestly had no idea how challenging. I joined our ASPA team for two days of dis- cussion following the university’s offer to settle that they presented on May 11th. We, as a team, spent a great deal of time deliberating over the points of their offer to massage it into something accept- able to our members. As a result, we drafted our own package deal and presented it to the university on June 9th.
Our next meeting was set for June 12th. In that meeting the uni- versity told ASPA that we stay in our jobs too long. You can imag- ine our shock. I didn’t realize that it was a goal of the university to have us leave our jobs. It has been my understanding that employee retention was a goal of any employer. Even going back to my first job as a teenager, I understood that it is far less expensive to keep an employee than it is to have to hire a new one. That has not changed. There are many articles written on this very topic. If for no other reason than money, it is better to retain an employee than to have to hire a new one.They also came back with a “Best and Final Offer to Settle”. Very little had changed from their previous proposal and next to nothing had been incorporated from ours. It didn’t take us long to see that this was not in the best interest of our members and as a result turned it down. They did ask us to ruminate on it but we could only let it churn around so long before saying no.The cost of living in Saskatoon has gone up 2.5% in the last year alone and our property taxes are set to go up once again. With an offer of 0%, 0% and 2.25%, we are losing ground even with a small signing bonus. The two parties are too far apart in expec- tations and are at an impasse. We are now mandated under The Saskatchewan Employment Act to go to mediation. Both par- ties have requested mediation and we await a response from the Minister of Education, Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.We appreciate the outpouring of support from our members. Keep your comments and questions coming. Any and all feed- back is appreciated.