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Pizza Social

February’s Pizza social, another successful event, so much so that we ran out of pizza.  We sincerely apologize to those who did not get any.  Please assist us in making sure we order enough pizza by registering in advance for future events.

We would like to thank Culinary Services for their generous donation of 2 door prizes ($25 gift certificates).   We also hit a bit of a technical glitch as none of us present at the event had access to see the list of website followers.  ASPA will contact you by email if you are a winner and your prize can be picked up at the ASPA office.

See you in March!


The Importance of a Union – an ASPA members reflection

Grapes of Wrath

The bitter cold over the holiday season kept our family housebound and made our traditional Disney viewing experience start to wear thin. Yearning for something more, we settled on the idea of a black and white themed movie night. As a dad, this was a double win… we get away from the predictable Disney staples and give the brood a chance to experience good storytelling and interesting characters, free of CGI. After To Kill a Mockingbird, we opted for The Grapes of Wrath. A critically acclaimed and somewhat controversial film, it brought to light the harrowing experience of migrant and poor workers during the great depression. The film features the multi-generational Joad family; tenant farmers struggling through the drought and economic hardship of Oklahoma in the ‘20’s. The film opens with a young man returning home to find his family evicted. Forced to seek a new life elsewhere, the film follows them on the agonizing journey to California with the promise of jobs and good fortune.

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