Tentative Agreement FAQ

Will the power point slides from the ratification information sessions be available to members?
Yes, you may view them here.

When does the voting start?
Noon on March 3, 2016

How will voting take place?
Voting will be done as an eVote.  For more information go here (will link to site).

Does the 2% increment for those below target continue?
Yes, the increment for those below target will remain.

With respect to the drug card can I still pay for my prescription and submit to Sun Life for reimbursement?
There is no requirement for you to use the drug card.

In what order will increments and across the board increases be applied to my wage?
Across the board increases are applied to one’s wage first and then increments.

When does the Housing Allowance stop accepting new applications?
As of February 4, 2016, which is when the tentative agreement was reached.

Is the increase in the monetary allocation to the Flexible Spending Program retroactive?
No, the increase will be effective on the 1st of the month following the ratification.  Those individuals who are eligible will be provided with an additional $200 into their account for the 2016 year.

Where will my additional $200 for the Flexible Spending Program go? Will it go into my Health Spending Account or the Personal Spending Account?
This will depend on how you allocated the $700 in December, 2015.  They will most likely follow the same allocation pattern.

When will we receive the signing bonus?
The employer has committed to paying this with in sixty (60) days of ratification.  It is anticipated that ratification of the agreement by both parties should occur by the end of March.  This would mean that the payment should appear on your May pay cheque barring any unforeseen circumstances.

I don’t know whether or not my work falls into the Standard or Alternate Work Hours Plan what should I do?
Contact ASPA’s Member Services Officer (Darcy Hryn) at 306-966-7392 or darcy.hryn@usask.ca for assistance.

What happens if I don’t have a documented Work Hours Plan?
If there is no work hours plan documented then the default would be Standard Work Hours.

If you think that your work fits in better with the Alternate Work Hours Plan then you and your supervisor should have a discussion and create a plan.  If you are unsure please contact ASPA’s Member Services Officer (Darcy Hryn) at 306-966-7392 or darcy.hryn@usask.ca for assistance.

What can I do if I believe that my Family and Phase of my position is incorrect?
You can request a review of your family and phase.  The initial review will be done by Human Resources (HR).   To assist in this review you should have a current Job Profile that is supported by your supervisor.

What if I don’t like the response of my position review?
You may appeal this to the Joint Management and ASPA Appeal Committee (JMAARC).  This committee is made up of representatives from both ASPA and HR.

What can I do if I don’t like the response from the JMAARC?
There is no further appeal process at this point.  Members are able to bring their position forward once every twelve (12) months for review.

Is my LTD benefit taxable?
Yes, because the employer pays the premiums.