EVoting FAQ


ASPA has contracted the services of Simply Voting (http://www.simplyvoting.com/). They are a reputable Canadian service provider that met the demands for security, accountability and simplicity. The eVoting process is outlined below:

You will receive an email from http://www.simplyvoting.com/. The email will provide basic information regarding your login credentials, a link to the site to vote and basic instructions.

If you do not receive this email when voting opens, please check the Troubleshooting and Escalation process below. Once you’ve voted, you will not be sent reminders and the voting process is concluded for you.

Voting will take place from October 13, 2020 – 0001 till October 19 – 2400.


Who is the vendor?

Simply Voting is a Canadian service provider based in Quebec. They are certified by a number of third parties: http://www.simplyvoting.com/certifications/

How do I vote?

You will receive an email from the vendor with instructions.

I am new to ASPA, how can I vote?

If you joined ASPA 5 days prior to the opening of the voting, you’re eligible to vote and will receive instructions from the vendor. If you’ve joined within the 5 days prior to voting, you will not be able to vote. This policy is dictated by our ability to provide accurate census data to the vendor.

How long do I have to vote?

You have 7 calendar days to vote after voting opens. It is recommended that you vote immediately after you receive the email.

Are the results anonymous?


Can I track my vote?

Yes. Login into the system to view your vote.

Can I change my vote once I’ve submitted?


What do I do if I didn’t get an email with a link to vote or if I have problems?

Follow the troubleshooting and escalation process below.

Troubleshooting and Escalation Process 

If you are having problems check the following:

Did not receive the email:

Login to you University of Saskatchewan email account using your NSID and regular password. If you are unable to login, call the help desk at 306-966-2222.

If you don’t know where to login, call the help desk at 306-966-2222

If your email account is operational, check your Junk Mail folder. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Overview-of-the-Junk-Email-Filter-5ae3ea8e-cf41-4fa0-b02a-3b96e21de089

You might also want to check in your “Other” folder.  Which you will find on the top left hand of your email screen in Outlook.

If you are still unable to locate the Simply Voting email, contact the ASPA office: at aspa@aspasask.ca  or 306-966-2471

Received the email:

If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste the URL into a web browser address bar. Login as described.

Login Problems:

Call Simply Voting at 1 (800) 585-9694

Report other problems here: at aspa@aspasask.ca  or 306-966-2471

Simply Voting Emergency Support: http://www.simplyvoting.com/support/