Executive Member Highlight – Jay Shanahan

For the past two years, Jay Shanahan has served as an Executive member of ASPA, in the role of Vice-President.  A few years ago, at a time of great need for ASPA, Jay responded to an ASPA call for volunteers, and he has been a tireless volunteer for ASPA ever since. Jay sums up his experience as an ASPA Executive in these words:

“The most interesting part of my volunteerism with ASPA has been the amazing people I have met from across campus and you really get to see the campus in a larger scope. Often we don’t see past our own unit or the bowl, so to see how all the different pieces come together to achieve the mission of the university is really fascinating to watch unfold.”

Recently, Jay and ASPA Communications and Public Relations committees led an ASPA initiative to recognize Years of Service of ASPA employees.  The time and effort committed to this was very worthwhile, as Jay puts it: ..” we have over a thousand ASPA members across campus, some who just joined us and some who have been here before ASPA was even a bargaining unit on campus, so for us to get a chance to say thank you for your service meant a lot. Plus who doesn’t like giving out gifts?”

Jay became a member of ASPA in the fall of 2012, as he moved into his current job, Ticketing and Promotions Coordinator, which involves all 15 Huskie Varsity Teams.  In this job, Jay’s responsibility is to expand the fan experience at Huskie Events and increase ticket sales. This is a challenging and also rewarding responsibility, as he explains: “one of my stand out memories is hosting the 2014 and 2015 University Cup Hockey National Championship at SaskTel Centre (formerly Credit Union Centre). I had the opportunity to work with amazing people in our community to welcome representatives, the top student- athletes, staff, officials and colleagues from coast-to-coast and give them an experience that will last them a lifetime.”

The ASPA Executive is very grateful to Jay for his vision and leadership in his role as vice-president of ASPA.

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