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Teachers have a fundamental right to strike

By Roy J. Adams

During the recent college teacher’s strike in Ontario there was a lot of media coverage of the inconvenience suffered by the students and of the possible consequences to their futures. On the other hand there was very little press commentary on the constitutional right of teacher’s to strike. Read more!


The Importance of a Union – an ASPA members reflection

Grapes of Wrath

The bitter cold over the holiday season kept our family housebound and made our traditional Disney viewing experience start to wear thin. Yearning for something more, we settled on the idea of a black and white themed movie night. As a dad, this was a double win… we get away from the predictable Disney staples and give the brood a chance to experience good storytelling and interesting characters, free of CGI. After To Kill a Mockingbird, we opted for The Grapes of Wrath. A critically acclaimed and somewhat controversial film, it brought to light the harrowing experience of migrant and poor workers during the great depression. The film features the multi-generational Joad family; tenant farmers struggling through the drought and economic hardship of Oklahoma in the ‘20’s. The film opens with a young man returning home to find his family evicted. Forced to seek a new life elsewhere, the film follows them on the agonizing journey to California with the promise of jobs and good fortune.

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February Pizza Social

Where:  Agriculture Atrium

When: Thursday Feb 22nd  11:45am – 1:00pm

Please be sure to sign up early and save a spot by registering for a ticket and selecting your food preference for Variety, Gluten Free, or Vegan.



Protect Our Crowns

A table will be set up in the Arts tunnel for the month of February.  For more information got to SaskCrowns.

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Interested in Bargaining?

Have you ever wondered how a Collective Agreement gets negotiated and would you like to learn more or perhaps be a member of the ASPA Bargaining team?

ASPA is looking for a few good people. No previous experience is required.  We are looking for ASPA members with diverse strengths and from multiple areas of campus. Read More

Links to Other Unions

Links to other bargaining units on campus.

CUPE 1975:

CUPE 3287:


Resident Docs of Saskatchewan (RDoS):

PSAC – Local 40004 (Union of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Workers UGPW)):

Pizza Social a success!

Here are a few pictures from the event.  Stay tuned for more 40th Anniversary celebrations throughout the year.

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ASPA 40th Anniversary Pizza Social


When: Thursday, January 25, 2018 , 11:45am – 1pm

Where:  Atrium of Health Science Building, D Wing

Please RSVP by registering for a ticket at to ensure we can accommodate everyone.   Also, please indicate preferences for Gluten Free or Vegan options.

We hope you can make it!

ASPA 40th Anniversary Committee


Union Dues

As an ASPA member you pay monthly Union dues.  The dues ensure that ASPA can effectively advocate on behalf of its members, by bargaining and protecting their rights and benefits in the Collective Agreement. Dues also fund the day to day operations of the organization.

More specifically, your dues pay for things like the salary and benefits of the ASPA staff, and for legal expenses at arbitration and Labour Relation Board hearings. Other ASPA expenses covered by dues include website maintenance, various subscriptions or membership fees (survey monkey, Lancaster House, CIRA), auditor fees, legal fees, bargaining related costs (education, hiring of external negotiator, research) and allocations to the contingency fund, to name a few.

Please note that your union dues are tax deductible from your annual income. Read More

Media gets it wrong on Bank of Canada minimum wage study

Over a million workers in Ontario just got a big raise thanks to tireless, bottom-up orgainizing, but if you look to the media it’s a bad news story. The same, tired headlines are back. Yesterday, the CBC ran a story titled, “Minimum wage hikes could cost Canada’s economy 60,000 jobs by 2019”. Today, the Toronto Star’s front page blared, “Wage hike could cost 60,000 jobs, Bank of Canada says”. Read More