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President’s Message

Happy 2019!

I hope you had the most wonderful and joyous of holidays with family and friends.

Looking back on 2018, it was a wonderfully busy year celebrating ASPA’s 40th anniversary of certification. Thank you to everyone who made the year a success and thank you to each of you who took the time to participate in the celebratory activities. As we look to the year ahead, preparations for collective bargaining are already underway. In February, ASPA will be sending out a pre-bargaining survey.  We are hoping that you will take the time to fill out this out as it is will be important information for the bargaining team.  Your executive will keep you updated as we get closer to the end of  ASPA’s current collective bargaining agreement, which expires on April 30.  We remain hopeful that CUPE 1975 and the University can reach a settlement without job action becoming necessary. We will, of course, support our colleagues just as we would want them to support our efforts at reaching a fair agreement. (Read the letter to President Stoicheff.)

Looking ahead, this year we will be holding our first social in February. An Eventbrite invitation in your inbox with the details. Come mingle with colleagues and your executive and enjoy some lovely appetizers. Read More

ASPA Member Highlight – Carla Zorn, Admin Coordinator, Faculty Engagement, College of Medicine (Dean’s Office)

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Carla Zorn has worked on campus in the College of Medicine Dean’s Office for 12 years. She has a secretarial certificate. Carla works with faculty in the College of Medicine Carla 2regarding annual reviews, tenure & promotion, salary review, and to ensure these collegial processes occur in a timely manner and proceed to the Vice Provost Faculty Affairs office. The College of Medicine has 15 departments, so Carla is regularly in communication with the Department Heads and their support staff to notify them of timelines, to assist with the processes and/or to answer queries for faculty-related topics. She also assists in processing appointments for new and existing faculty in the College of Medicine. The College currently has over 1800 faculty appointments. Read More

100th anniversary of Winnipeg’s 1919 General Strike will be marked with monument, movie, books

Darren Bernhardt · CBC News ·

The site of the bloodiest clash of Winnipeg’s 1919 General Strike is set to be cast in bronze and glass — and illuminated.

A tilted and half-sunken streetcar is being designed and constructed as part of a permanent art installation that will be placed at the corner of Main Street and Market Avenue, in front of Pantages Playhouse Theatre.

It will be steps away from the exact spot of the climactic, violent scene that underscored a defining moment in Canada’s history.  READ MORE

Did you know? – Email address

Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird, ASPA Member Services Officer

The results of a recent ASPA member survey showed that 66% (of those who responded) of ASPA members are graduates of the University of Saskatchewan.  This means that you have been given a email account which is yours for life.Email Inbox

Although this is a really good bonus, this is also the email address that you are using during your employment at the University.  This creates some challenges should your employment relationship with the University end for some reason, particularly if you use the email for your personal use.

Should your employment relationship with the University end for whatever reason your email address will be deactivated.  There will be an out of office message put on your account saying that you no longer work at the University.  However, we have had instances, after a member’s departure, where the employer has forwarded incoming messages to another individual in the same unit.  ASPA has asked that this does not happen but we have seen “email forwarding” occur in a couple of cases.  ASPA will continue to advocate that emails should not be forwarded as we believe that this is a breach of your privacy. Read More

Unprecedented move by U of S will see workers lose the right to determine the terms of their own pension

Posted on December 11, 2018 – CUPE Saskatchewan

Yesterday, hundreds of members of CUPE 1975 joined together with friends and supporters at the University of Saskatchewan’s University Bowl to tell members of the Executive Board to keep their “Paws off our Pensions”.

The rally comes after a recent arbitration ruling in the university’s favour, which the U of S has insisted gives them the right to make unilateral changes. Unless they are able to negotiate the terms of their pensions, this will be the first time that CUPE 1975 members will HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO SAY on the amounts and guidelines of their life-long retirement savings.  READ MORE

Back-to-work legislation may come back to haunt Justin Trudeau

Written by Charles Smith and Larry Savage

The Justin Trudeau government’s use of back-to-work legislation effectively put an end to the rotating strikes waged by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). But the legislation could haunt the governing Liberals in the months and years to come.

First, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, known as CUPW, has a history and culture of militancy, making it unlikely the union will simply roll over in the face of back-to-work legislation.

What’s more, the health and safety and wage disparity issues that precipitated the labour dispute are unlikely to be fully resolved in mediation.  Read More

CUPW Challenges Back to Work Legislation in Court

Right to Strike Ruled a Charter Right in 2016 Ontario Superior Court Decision

OTTAWA, Dec. 11, 2018 /CNW/ – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) will file a constitutional challenge today with the Ontario Superior Court after being legislated back to work by the Liberal government two weeks ago.

“You cannot legislate labour peace,” says Mike Palecek, CUPW National President. “This law violates our right to free collective bargaining under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Bill C-89 forced postal workers to return to work under their previous collective agreements on November 27th after five weeks of rotating strikes, which means that between then and Christmas:

  • At least 315 disabling injuries will happen to postal workers;
  • Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) will work roughly 250,000 hours without pay; and
  • Urban postal workers will work thousands of hours of forced overtime.


ASPA Member Highlight – Curtis Larson, Associate Director of Operations, Office of the Vice-Provost, Health

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Curtis Larson has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Saskatchewan.curtis 2 He has worked on campus for just over 25 years. Curtis oversees the operations of the Health Science building because no one college owns the building. This coverage includes several colleges and schools including the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, College of Dentistry, School of Public Health, and School of Rehabilitation Science as well as supporting researchers from other colleges. He is involved with space management and allocation, managing the supply centres, and supervising 5 lab managers which provide lab management services to the research cluster laboratories. Read More

Encouraging a Culture of Appreciation in Your Work Place

Written by Karen E. Mosier – Reprinted with permission – Originally printed in CARA Connection Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 1 Nov 2016

Appreciation is a fundamental human need.  Employees flourish when their work isstrategy-79-hands1_252 valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises and they are motivated to improve their good work. Read More

Potential CUPE 1975 Job Action – FAQ’s

As you are probably aware, CUPE 1975 took a strike vote at the end of September and the members provided the CUPE 1975 bargaining team with a strike mandate.  As an ASPA member you might be wondering what this means for you or how this might impact your work.

ASPA has put together answers to some of those questions that you might have.  If your question has not been answered or you require clarification, please contact our Member Services Officer Darcy Hryn – Bird at or 306-966-7392. Read More