About ASPA


The Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA) is a certified bargaining agent for a specific group of employees at the University of Saskatchewan.

ASPA is made up of more than 1,300 members, who are involved in a wide variety of jobs on campus. These include administrative assistants, computer programmers, student counsellors, coaches, project directors, veterinarians, research officers, family physicians, teachers for second language, etc.

ASPA’s Vision: To effectively represent its members and be a positive agent for progress at the University.

History of ASPA

The certification of CUPE local 1975 dates from the time the University of Saskatchewan Employee’s Union was organized as a federal local of the Canadian Congress of Labour in 1945. The certification gave it the right to represent all of the University of Saskatchewan’s non-teaching and administrative staff. In 1976, the local moved to amend and amalgamate the certification to include all employees except professors, those involved in teaching and more senior managers. The Labour Board complied and gave CUPE the right to represent previously excluded unorganized administrative and technical officers.

Some 169 of the new members (in CUPE) objected to being under the local CUPE certification without a vote. The University applied to quash the board order. The court of Appeal denied the University’s but, citing a dissenting opinion, the Supreme Court of Canada allowed the appeal.

Subsequently, those employees, organized as the Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA), sought and were granted certification in 1978.

The certification order states “… all administrative and professional person and all technical officers employed by the University of Saskatchewan including but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing…”


YEAR OF PRESIDENCY                     NAME

1973-74                                            Iain McLean

1974-75                                            Bob Johnson

1975-76                                            Jock Anderson

1976-77                                            Don Lefebvre

1977-78                                            John Scappaticci

1978-79                                            Iain McLean – Certification Order October 31, 1978

1979-80                                            Bob Elliott

1980-81                                            Don Steponchev

1981-82                                            Emily Farnham

1982-83                                            John Milani

1983-84                                            Kurt Tischler

1984-85                                            Elaine (Von Oder) Dermott

1985-86                                            Doug Clark

1986-87                                            Terry Payne

1987-88                                            Grace Milashenko

1988-89                                            Gord Snell

1989-90                                            Stu Dawson

1990-91                                            Greg Melvin

1991-92                                            Hugh Stearn

1992-93                                            Mike Sander

1993-94                                            Terry Summers

1994-95                                            Rick Jamison

1995-96                                            Jan Smith

1996-97                                            Kevin Fuglerud

1997-98                                            Brad Steeves

1998-99                                            Tim Archer

1999-00                                            Rob Schultz

2000-01                                            Bill Wallace

2001-02                                            Margot Buckley

2002-03                                            Curtis Larson

2003-04                                            Ruth Thompson

2004-05                                            Mike Grevers

2005-06                                            Cheryl Sedgewick

2006-07                                            Kirk Blomquist

2007-08                                            Dave Bocking

May 2008-Dec 2008                     Trent Kolbe

Dec 2008-10                                     Kim Baryluk

2010-11                                            Tyler Salloum

2011-12                                            Chloe Corcoran

2012-13                                            Glen Hauser

May 2013                                         Glen Hauser

May 2013-14                                    Ken Glover

2014-15                                             Paola Chiste

2015-16 *                                         Dawn Giesbrecht

2016-17                                            Dawn Giesbrecht

2017-18                                            Peter Krebs

2018-19                                            Joanie Crandall

2019-21                                             Curtis Larson

2021-23                                            LaVina Watts

2023-24                                            Paul Jacob

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