Volunteering With ASPA

Ever think about getting involved with ASPA?

ASPA is a volunteer organization and its purpose is: “To promote the interest of the members of the Association and to establish communications with the Board of Governors or their representative with respect to the conditions of service of the members of the Association.”

ASPA can only be sustained through the efforts of its members.  There are a number of ways you could get involved with ASPA to ensure your continued representation in the work place.   From running for the executive to simply helping at an event. If you have ever wanted to get involved just drop an email to aspa@usask.ca to help ensure your representation continues.”

ASPA advocates on behalf of members to improve the working environment at the UofS.
Our newsletter, web page, information sessions and other social media tools are used to engage and inform our 1200+ members about events that may have an impact on them or how they function within the University environment.  As an organization, working to ensure workers are treated fairly is important to us.  ASPA is only as strong as its membership and we need to make sure that our membership is knowledgeable and engaged.

Engaging the members is something ASPA has been working on over the last few years.  One of the ways we did this was through the use of the electronic voting system and WebEx session during the recent collective agreement ratification process.

These are just some examples of an opportunity realized by ASPA members.  Members who volunteered their time and expertise to ASPA in order to work towards a safe, satisfying, and secure work environment.

For those who recognize an opportunity in the making please consider contacting the ASPA office or visit the aspasask.ca web site to find out more about how you might be able to contribute.


Administrative Employees Consultative Committee (AECC)

This is a joint committee of Management and ASPA for the purpose of administering the collective agreement. Meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss and resolve issues that arise.

Engagement and Social Committee

This committee was established to welcome and engage new and existing members of ASPA.  They organize and arrange the Brown Bag Sessions and the informal socials that happen through out the year (Pizza, Christmas and after the AGM).

Joint Management/ASPA Appeal Committee (JMAAC)

This committee considers the appeal of the decisions given by JMARC. It is made up of different representatives from ASPA and Human Resources.

Merit Audit Committee (MAC)

The Merit Audit Committee (MAC) has the authority to perform a systematic assessment of the effectiveness of any College/Unit merit process. The MAC makes recommendations which will be forwarded to both the ASPA Executive and Human Resources for consideration. ASPA has four representatives on the MAC.

Negotiating Committee

This committee has the responsibility of negotiating the collective agreement with Management. It is comprised of two of: president, past-president or president elect and two representatives from the membership.

Research Committee

The Research Committee facilitates the collection of information and issues from the membership.  The Committee will send out nine (9) surveys throughout the year.  These will consist of both one (1) minute surveys and a census survey that will assist ASPA in getting to know their membership better.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the ASPA Advocate website and newsletter.    The Committee is consulted on all communication to the membership and creates a newsletter four times a year.

Nominating Committee

Each year prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Nominating Committee oversees the selection of members to run for the various positions that may be open on the Executive.

 University of Saskatchewan Committees with ASPA Representation

  •     Academic Defined Pension Plan Committee
  •     Academic Money Purchase Plan
  •     Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  •     Occupational Health and Safety
  •     President’s Advisory Council on the Status of Women
  •     President’s Service Award Committee
  •     Provost’s Advisory Committee for Sexual and Gender Diversity