ASPA Member Highlight – Carla Zorn, Admin Coordinator, Faculty Engagement, College of Medicine (Dean’s Office)

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Carla Zorn has worked on campus in the College of Medicine Dean’s Office for 12 years. She has a secretarial certificate. Carla works with faculty in the College of Medicine Carla 2regarding annual reviews, tenure & promotion, salary review, and to ensure these collegial processes occur in a timely manner and proceed to the Vice Provost Faculty Affairs office. The College of Medicine has 15 departments, so Carla is regularly in communication with the Department Heads and their support staff to notify them of timelines, to assist with the processes and/or to answer queries for faculty-related topics. She also assists in processing appointments for new and existing faculty in the College of Medicine. The College currently has over 1800 faculty appointments.

 What Carla likes best about her job is the variety of tasks, queries, and the evolving changes that keep her job interesting. What she likes best about the university is the vibrancy on campus and feeling “part of a group”. From day one she noticed the energy that is almost palpable on campus and the diverse but inclusive atmosphere which she still wants to be part of today. The vast array of people and activities and opportunities on campus is so much more evident here than anywhere else that she has ever worked.

Carla loves helping people. Her motto is to “to help others wherever I can”. She is happy to be a resource for others and realizes the importance of her dedication and hard work assisting faculty and the impact it has on their career trajectories. She credits her diverse work experiences prior to starting at the university in October 2006 that have given her the confidence to excel in her current position. In 2016, she received the College of Medicine’s Sydney Inskip Award for outstanding service and commitment.

What Carla values most about being an ASPA member is the benefits and pension plan, accountable professional development account, great working environment and Carla 1conditions, and the opportunities for professional development and career advancement. She also greatly appreciated ASPA’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. They provided multiple opportunities to get together with other ASPA members to get to know each other, put faces to names, and to learn about how vast the spectrum of ASPA positions is across campus.

One practical piece that Carla has found helpful is to peruse ASPA’s agreement annually, to refresh your memory, or to increase your understanding of the benefits that being an ASPA member affords you. She advises “Our lives change, as do our needs, so you might find that ASPA offers something that interests or applies to you now that didn’t in the past”.

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