ASPA Member Highlight – Graham Wisser, Architectural Designer, Infrastructure, Planning and Land Development

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Graham Wisser studied Architectural Technologies through the Southern Alberta grahamInstitute of Technology (SAIT) and graduated in 2000. Graham joined the University of Saskatchewan in December 2014 working in the Facilities Management Division, which has been recently restructured so his position now falls under the umbrella of Infrastructure, Planning and Land Development. His work includes drafting for the planners and project managers on campus, as well as signage changes. The bulk of his duties include updating and creating You Are Here maps across campus.

What Graham enjoys best about his job, and working on campus, is the sense of community. Graham really likes working with his coworkers and socializing with them especially during their coffee breaks. He values all the social activities available on campus such as the ASPA pizza lunches or the multiple sports activities offered through campus recreation intramurals. Graham currently plays on 4 recreational hockey teams and enjoys the opportunities these activities provide to get to know more people on campus.

As an Architectural Designer, Graham admires the “lines’ he sees on campus, from the historical buildings to our newer buildings like the Health Science E wing to the many renovations that are currently underway around campus. In particular, he embraces the challenges of working with older buildings; no two buildings are exactly alike. He sees his signage work as “Art”. From cutting the wood to drafting the room locations to painting the letters in painstaking detail to applying the finishing touches, he takes pride in his work that he is just not duplicating the sign but he is adding his “own signature to it”. Graham acknowledges that his background in Architectural Technologies is a good fit for his present position. He can still recall many of the lessons he learned back in SAIT.

Graham values all the benefits of being an ASPA member, and in particular, the Medical and Dental benefits. He also really appreciates the Flexible Spending Program, using his Personal Spending Account of $900 towards team fees to play hockey.

Graham is a member of the ASPA Negotiation team. He has been on this team since October 2018. Graham acknowledged that this is the first time that he has been in a union and he has not always heard very good things about unions but his perspective is changed and he is happy to see firsthand the positive aspects of being in a union.

Graham encourages all new ASPA members to “get into the pension plan as early as possible” and plan for your retirement. He also admonishes all ASPA members to, “Attend as many ASPA social events to meet other members and find others with similar interests”.

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