Bargaining Update

On June 5th the University of Saskatchewan sent you an infographic describing their bargaining offer to ASPA. That infographic is set out on the right-hand side of this document (Detailed Infographic). Compare the infographic representation to the employer’s “final offer” (on the left-hand side of this document)(Detailed Infographic) that U of S is compelling you to vote on in the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) supervised balloting process.  ASPA believes that our members need to have all the facts so that when it comes time to vote that you will be able to make an informed decision.  The ASPA bargaining team is not recommending acceptance of this proposal.  We will be providing ASPA members with more information tomorrow.  All documents will be discussed during the Zoom meetings held on Wednesday at 3:30 pm and Friday at 10:30 am.  Please refer to the email sent to you yesterday for the details of accessing these meetings or reach out to us at with questions.

Sent on Behalf of the ASPA Bargaining Team: Dawn Giesbrecht (Co-Lead), Curtis Larson (ASPA President), Collen Cochran, Milan Bogunovic, Graham Wisser, Hugh Wagner( Co-Lead) and Darcy Hryn-Bird (ASPA Member Services Officer)

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