ASPA Member Highlight – Chris O’Grady, Director of Operations for USask Health Sciences

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Chris O’Grady has a MSc in Biochemistry conferred from the University of Saskatchewan. He has worked at the University of Saskatchewan for the last 12 years. Chris started working on campus in early 2010 as a Research Technician in the biochemistry lab in the Health Sciences building. In April 2015, he transitioned to Lab Manager for the USask Health Sciences, formerly known as the Council of Health Sciences Deans Office. In January 2022, he accepted a position as the Director of Operations for USask Health Sciences.   

In this role, Chris manages the Health Sciences building operations including space, repairs, maintenance, and safety concerns. He oversees Laboratory management, Laboratory support, several core facilities and the Health Sciences Supply Center.

What Chris likes best about his job, and working on campus, is the people. Throughout his time on campus, he has met so many fantastic people, many of whom he works with every day. He especially appreciates working with his team, “I have such lovely people to work with that it makes it easy for me to come into work every day.” He adds, “It is the people, the students, the researchers, staff and everyone else that I work with and helping them to succeed and excel that really motivates me to give my best in everything that I do.” Chris’ years in the research labs in the Health Sciences building gave him valuable perspective of the needs, desires, and goals of faculty and students using these facilities and services.   

Chris is very active with ASPA. He is the current ASPA Vice President and a member of the ASPA Executive committee. In addition, he serves on four committees: research, jurisdiction, the Employee Assistance Program, and treasury.

Chris encourages all ASPA members to “Join an ASPA committee. You are missing out of if you don’t get out there and meet people. Life is all about relationships. Getting to know people on campus will help you in every aspect of your career. Networking is everything. I don’t think I would be in this position today without all the skills I have learned volunteering for ASPA and most importantly, the connections I have made over the years.”

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