President’s Message

getportraitThe holiday season will soon be upon us and at this occasion, the ASPA Executive and Staff would like to wish you a safe, happy, and most importantly, restful holiday.

2017 is almost over. It has been an eventful year, for the ASPA Executive and staff, but also for many of our members.  Most notable was the Voluntary Exit Program that the employer proposed, and which ASPA accepted.  We regret that we will lose many, mostly long term, members, but take satisfaction in the fact that the departing members, for the most part, have arranged their personal and/or professional destiny on their own terms.

Please take note that the upcoming year 2018 will mark a milestone in ASPA’s history and present:  on October 31, 1978, ASPA was certified as a bargaining unit of administrative employees at the University of Saskatchewan. Therefore, our “40th birthday” is coming up! We are middle-aged, but still going strong.

We will mark this milestone anniversary throughout the 10 months leading up to October 2018.  We have struck a 40th anniversary Celebration Committee which will plan and organize monthly events, a count-down to our anniversary.  We have just asked, and are still inviting, ASPA members to consider volunteering on the committee.

Speaking about volunteers, I would like to also acknowledge the role that ASPA volunteers have on various committees that keep ASPA functioning.  We would not be where we are as an association, without you!  Thank you very much!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from: Darcy Hryn-Bird, Member Services Officer and Annetta Gellner, Executive Assistant.  ASPA Executive members, also serving on many ASPA committees, too numerous to mention here: Sheila ffolliott, Treasurer, Dawn Giesbrecht, Vice-President,  LaVina Watts, Vice President, Peter Krebs, President, Lisa Bagonluri, Aaron Bird, John Costa, Joanie Crandall, Brock Egeto, Patrick Dice, Andrea Smida, John Wallace

Happy Holidays, Peter Krebs, ASPA President

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