Union Dues

Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird

As an ASPA member you pay monthly Union dues.  The dues ensure that ASPA can effectively advocate on behalf of its members, by bargaining and protecting their rights and benefits in the Collective Agreement. Dues also fund the day to day operations of the organization.

More specifically, your dues pay for things like the salary and benefits of the ASPA staff, and for legal expenses at arbitration and Labour Relation Board hearings. Other ASPA expenses covered by dues include website maintenance, various subscriptions or membership fees (survey monkey, Lancaster House, CIRA), auditor fees, legal fees, bargaining related costs (education, hiring of external negotiator, research) and allocations to the contingency fund, to name a few.

Please note that your union dues are tax deductible from your annual income.

How do ASPA’s dues compare to dues at other unions, at the University of Saskatchewan, and in the province?   Here is a sample of what we found.  Figures in the graph are noted as a percentage of a member’s monthly gross salary:

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