ASPA Member Highlight – Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Coordinator

Written by Karen E. Mosier, ASPA Communications Committee

Odili Obi has a BA in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Regina. He has worked at the University of Odili ObiSaskatchewan for 5 1/2 years.

Odili is the Waste Prevention Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability. He is in charge of managing the university’s single-stream recycling program. He manages solid waste. This includes landfill, waste, and compost. Currently, 27% of waste is diverted from ending up in the landfill because of the university’s aggressive recycling program.

What Odi likes best about his job is interacting with people. He loves hearing about new ideas from other people that he can use to solve ongoing problems/issues. He credits his education and training, and in particularly, his MBA as it has helped him deal with conflict management and change management, issues that he deals with almost on a daily basis, as his training gave him the tools/methods to address these types of situations better.

Odi also places value on being an ASPA member. In particular, he appreciates the good benefits package that ASPA employees are entitled to and the pension plan (and especially having a say as to how the money can work for him). The tuition reimbursement fund (TRF) available for members’ immediate family (spouses, partners, and children) is another great benefit available to members. Lastly, he likes the fact that ASPA advocates for the rights of all members.

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