Did you know? – Pay Stubs

Written by Darcy Hryn – Bird

Do you check your pay stubs each time you get paid?  I am thinking that you might be among the majority if you do not.

Members should be getting into the habit of checking their pay stubs with each pay period.  Mistakes do happen and it is important for them to be caught early so as to not delay any necessary corrections.

When errors have come to light ASPA has worked with our members and the employer to address them but depending on what the error is and the length of time before it was discovered the corrections can take a great deal of time to repair and in some instances, although rarely, be irreparable.paystub

ASPA has seen instances where there has been both an overpayment and underpayment of monies to our members.  In most overpayment situations we have been able to work with the employer to look at a repayment schedule so as to not make the repayment of monies a financial hardship to the member.  The length of the repayment schedule is really dependant on how much time is left in the tax year.  With underpayments the employer is more likely to make the correction with the next pay cycle than to cut a cheque, which can also be a hardship for the member.

Long story short, each time you receive your pay, you should look to see if you were paid correctly.  Paying particular attention to the amount of your pay, whether they have used your vacation time correctly, if applicable and any deductions that you might have like parking for example.

Lastly, if you should leave the University for some reason, do make sure that your last pay has the correct monies owed to you, including that of any vacation or flex time owed.

By not checking your pay stubs on a regular basis there is a potential that you could be missing monies owed to you.  Occasionally unintentional mistakes can be made and it is better to catch them sooner than later.

If you have any questions about your pay or pay stubs don’t hesitate to contact us at aspa@aspasask.ca .

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