Things to Consider when Starting your Career

By Karen E. Mosier – Reprinted with permission.  Original printed in CARA Connection Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 5 Sept 2016

I have worked in research administration for 13 years. Time flies by quickly. I wish someone would have told me to think of the big picture when I started my first job and to keep my career path in mind instead of focusing only on the job at hand.

These are some things that I wish someone would have told me right from the start:

  • Get a mentor
  • Connect with peers
  • Relationships matter
  • You learn on the job
  • Don’t waste time reinventing the wheelsuccess
  • Change happens quickly and often
  • Balance work and personal life
  • Don’t compare yourself with others but set your own goals
  • Don’t let your employer decide your career path
  • It’s okay to follow your gut instinct
  • Never sell yourself short
  • Success isn’t just found in the big pond
  • Regularly pursue professional development opportunities
  • Keep track of all your achievements to celebrate your successes!


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