ASPA Member Highlight – Patrick Hauser, Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Safety Resources

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Niagara - PatPatrick Hauser graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1996 with a BA in Economics.  Pat went on to complete the Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Certificate in June 2006 from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and then worked at the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association for almost three years.

Patrick started working at the University of Saskatchewan in December 2008 in the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) team, providing proactive client-focused and relationship-based services to help the campus community develop and implement locally customized and appropriate safety management systems to show local accountability and due diligence.

In June 2010, Patrick earned the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation, and to this day he continues regular professional development.  As well, Patrick volunteers in his professional association, the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), and in 2015 he led the NAOSH Week National Launch organizing committee in Saskatoon.  He currently serves on the CSSE National Board as the Regional Vice-President representing Saskatchewan and Manitoba chapters.

In 2016 the HSEMS team merged with the existing safety department under Human Resources, which eventually became Safety Resources.  Patrick believes that promoting health and safety is not about being “the safety police” but it is all about building positive relationships and working together to make our campus the safest place to work for everyone.

Patrick is readily available to share his safety management expertise to develop safety protocols, act as a liaison between the Local Safety Committees and the university’s institutional Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) committee “to increase the lines of communication.”  He also works directly with researchers to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), inspection checklists, work alone plans, off-campus activity safety plans, etc. Patrick has helped develop over 100 fieldwork safety plans to date.

What Patrick enjoys best about his job is that it affords him the opportunity to “be mobile.” He recommends that everyone should get up and move their legs and stretch Pat and Safety Bob - NAOSH 2014 (002)for at least one minute every 30 minutes as this is not only good in terms of health and safety but it is also good for your productivity and personal wellness. Patrick is encouraged every time he sees positive change, even if it is just “baby steps” as he knows each step and each process will take us one step closer to achieving a healthier and safer workplace for everyone.

Patrick appreciates all the benefits of being an ASPA member, especially the PAC membership, the flexible spending account as well as the professional development funds.

After a Type II Diabetes diagnosis in April 2018 and subsequent recovery through a dramatic lifestyle change rather than just taking medications, Patrick put his own health front and centre. He encourages all ASPA members to “cut all sugars and other processed foods out of your diet.” He continues, “if you exercise and eat right and look after your body, you’ll feel better and hopefully avoid the chronic health conditions that are so prevalent in our society today.”

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