Bargaining Update

Hello ASPA Members,

dawnAs the days get shorter and the nights get cooler we can look forward to seeing a new crop of students arrive. I hope you have had a chance to take a break from your work to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

As the Co-lead, with Hugh Wagner, for your bargaining team, my plan is to update you monthly on the status of bargaining, even if there is nothing to report. At the very least you will know that nothing is happening and better yet, you will have a monthly update.

In June we sent the university a request for information regarding our membership (basic census data, benefit usage, APDA allocations and usage, etc).  We asked that it be received by August 30th. We have not received word yet on the status of that information, but we are hopeful that we will receive it before our team meets next week.

Since I last updated you, our team met again for several hours in June to work on our proposal package. We took a break over summer and will meet again on September 7th to polish our package. Last week we received a letter from the university indicating the members of their bargaining team. Their members include: Colin Weimer – Lead Negotiator, Ivan Gandzalas, Jae-Ann Peace, and Barb Gillis. We will work with them to book dates for face-to-face bargaining meetings (hopefully) in the near future. Stay tuned.


Dawn Giesbrecht, ASPA Co-Lead Negotiator

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