Vacation Purchase Program and Partial Leave Initiative

On November 13, 2019, the employer communicated to ASPA members, in Finance and Resources, that they were offering a Vacation Purchase Program (VPP) and a Partial Leave Initiative (PLI) as a pilot project to all staff within this portfolio.

We felt it was important for ASPA members to know that the Employer did not speak to ASPA in any detail about either the VPP or the PLI.  They mentioned in passing that they were looking at some initiatives back in September, but had no further discussion with us.  The first time ASPA was provided with the details of the VPP and the PLI was on November 12, 2019.

ASPA is quite concerned that the employer would implement the VPP and PLI without any real dialogue with ASPA.  This program could be of some benefit to some of our members, but we are concerned that some of the parameters the employer has included could contravene our collective agreement.

ASPA is reviewing the VPP and PLI in more detail and will no doubt have some discussion with the employer regarding this.   ASPA will also be discussing whether we need to pursue their lack of discussion and the implementation of these in another forum, like that of a grievance or with the Labour Relations Board.

ASPA cannot at this time recommend to our members that they enroll in either the VPP or the PLI but if you are considering enrolling we would strongly encourage you to reach out to our Member Services Officer, Darcy Hryn-Bird, or 306-966-7392 before you do.

Curtis Larson, ASPA President, Dawn Giesbrecht, ASPA VP and LaVina Watts, ASPA VP

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