Grievance Update

ASPA continues to have a number of open grievances, twenty (20) to be exact.  These grievances are the same ones that were open since the last update in November, which you can read here.

We continue to wait for two (2) Arbitration awards.   Both were heard last year. However; just last week, ASPA did receive an award on a wrongful layoff grievance that we had filed.   The arbitrator ruled in favour of the Union and we now await discussion with the employer as to the implementation of this award.  The award affirms that the employer cannot lay a permanent member off if the majority of their work continues to exist and moves to another member or individual as outlined in Article 16. 

The grievance process is not a quick fix to an issue but is very necessary and important.   The agreement is only as strong as we make it and push to have it enforced.  We need to hold the employer accountable when they violate the rights and privileges contained in the agreement.  Many individuals have worked hard and continue to work hard to ensure that these rights and privileges are maintained.

It is also important for the members to know that Arbitrations are not cheap.  One arbitration will run the union upwards of $30,000.00 plus depending on the complexity of the case.  Although not inexpensive one can’t stress how important they are.

If you think that your rights have been violated or you have a concern, then please reach out to our ASPA Member Services Officer, Darcy Hryn-Bird at

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